Guess Who Said, "America Has Failed Our Veterans"

Why none other than, Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), a FOX News military analyst!

He also says this in the commentary:

"For my disconnected, disinterested

uncaring friends, it's not about the damn money, We have the

damn money, it's us, we suck, we do not care...We are all

collectively allowing out government to perpetuate this

crime, the crime of not taking care of soldiers."

I found this over at VA Watchdog and decided to make an extremely rare visit to the FOX News? site where it originated.

The Colonel starts out with this little gem:

We — that’s you and me — just had a Veterans Day. You might have missed it? Did you notice that we had fewer parades and TV and radio shows talked a little less about the holiday. Just last year, we were all over our men and women in uniform and retired — we all said no matter what we think of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, we were going to honor thos who served … remember that?

And than continues with a scathing attack.

We find this ending one paragraph:

I can say with a sadness that cuts very deep that we are now seeing returning veterans from this current war living on the streets of Boston and L.A. That ought to be enough to unseat a government.

It's not a long read, so I suggest you visit either link above and read the whole thing yourself.

Than ask yourself, as I did, Where The Hell Were You Colonel as Veterans, like myself, from 'Nam, Korea, WWII, and everything in between all of those were telling everyone Exactly what was going to happen to the returning Military Personel and Veterans of these latest Debacles of Wars of Choice!!

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