Has race become the main issue in society?

Has race become the main issue in society?

While there are hundreds of problems in the world that need an immediate solution, humans insist in paying more attention to race. Today race has become the topic of most conversations, the theme of most articles, and the concern of many, but most importantly our society’s main issue. But have we given race too much importance in our lives? The answer is unknown but the fact is that race identifies who we are and gives others an idea of who they think we are, even before knowing us. With race also comes racism, a huge problem in our world which seems like it would never end. No matter how advance we will get, no matter how civilized or socialized we become we still talk about it. Race here, race there is all we hear, it is like an epidemic that goes on and never stops.

If we go back in time and compare it with the way in which we live today, we might notice that many things have changed but unfortunately we still categorizing and stereotyping according to race. As we all know categorizing and stereotyping might lead to racism and sometimes also lead to separation of certain groups in society. I’m a student of New York City College of technology, since I have been in the college I noticed, every time I go to my classes, they have to say something about race. Why? Just because we are located in down town Brooklyn or subject race is a major in my school. Well who knows the answer; but one thing is very clear that we are still stuck in our past. I don’t understand what is more painful to let go of the past or keeping repeating it over and over. No matter how far we will go in life, we will always talk about race because there would always be diversity in the world. Although I have to admit that talking about race can become annoying at times, especially when you interact with so many different people from different places of the world, like I do. We use race as an excuse when we feel we can’t do something and sometimes we complain about things when we don’t feel capable of doing something. We might as well say, “Oh! They didn’t give me the job because they discriminate against me because I’m blue. Or say that success is limited because there are not many opportunities. This is why I believe race is in our minds although sometimes society influences it, we can do many things to change the idea that
race is the way in which we should label people. For this article, I interviewed some of my coworker to know am I the only one who felt very annoyed or there are other people as well.

The first person I interviewed is Stephanie and she is 26 years old; the place is Astoria and the time was around 9:00am. Stephanie is proud to be African American and she stated that she has never been discriminated by anybody in her whole life. People love her the way she is; with people; she is very sweet and polite young leady; she knows that nobody judges her by her skin color or by her background. She mentions that the university she goes to doesn’t have the problem with people talking too much about race; she think it depends on the situation: when should you or not talk about race. After talking to her I realize that, people don’t really care about her physical appearance; they loved her the way she interacts with people.

The second person I interviewed is Yuri; his background is Russian. He thinks race is old fashioned, but it is still everywhere; we should forget about it to make our life better. I asked him if he being discriminated against by anybody. The answer was yes; he stated people discriminated against him because he is an immigrant and people used to tell him go back to Russia. One day he had a customer who told him, listen work fast, this is not Russia, its America. I asked him have you ever discriminated against anybody. Of course he said the New Yorker thing: when he is driving and somebody honks so much, he just tells him or her listen you, go back to your country. He said he doesn’t mean this deeply but when you are mad at the moment you don’t think about hurting anybody feelings. Taking to him I felt that sometime to express our anger we attack people’s appearance, language etc. and we named it racism. The third person I spoke to is Tony and he is form Pakistan. He grew up in Georgia, and he thinks there is more discriminate on in Georgia place than New York. He stated that he felt discriminated against by his own people, meaning people form his country. When he starts talking to them, they are nice but once they find out that he is not a Muslim like the majority of other people from Pakistan, they just step away from him. People are attractive to similarities, like in Tony’s case. Many people are not friendly with Tony form Pakistan because he is not a
Muslim like others

As an immigrant and having a different background, I never felt that any body discriminated against me or perhaps it is just me, I applied for many jobs but never got hired but a not because I’m from India . They thought I didn’t have the ability to handle those positions.

I never let race be part of me. When I came to the United States, I had no idea what is race meant. When I went to school, most of the time I saw teachers talk about race in class that annoyed me a lot because that was history. Now, we are living in the 21-century and we should already be getting over it. When you hear so much about race than you start looking out there, that are you being discriminated by anybody; also It doesn’t do anything nice to us when we talk about it in the class so much that then you start thinking that college is not interesting at all, because there are many other problems we should be worry about; which are going to kills us like HIV Cancer etc. Nobody’s skin color and appearance going to harm us. When a baby is born, that baby doesn’t have any race and we all know that babies are innocent. Who is the one, who gives them race and religion? It is society. If we never try to stop talking about problems, then you can stretch as much as you want to but guess what? If you think that talking about race or presenting race everywhere would solve our problems the answer is no. It will never end because we don’t want it to end; we are passing racism generation to generation. Nobody Judges Stephanie based on her skin color; everybody loves her based on how she interacts with people.

You think Yuri is a Russian white man and never has been discriminated against. He said yes many people have discriminated against him. Tony have the totally opposite story; he felt more discriminated against by his own people, mean people from the same nation he is from. I’m from a different nation, but I never felt that I’m treated less then anybody or that somebody discriminating against me. It is all up to you and how you handle it, how you see the world and how you manage to go on despite obstacles. Because we have paid so much attention to race, we have forgotten about what is really important, our world, our environment and our future. Because of the media, because of our surrounding and because of our history race has become the main issue in society but only time will show how important the issue of race is to the future.

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The interviews with Stephanie, Yuri, and Tony were quite fascinating. Have you thought about doing a longer more in depth article on the subject? It provides a nice town hall perspective to your discussion of race

Susie has a great idea... I love the interviews... you have a great balance of perspectives here with Yuri, Stephanie, Tony and yourself -- Russian, African-American, Pakistani and Indian. I love the setting, the multiculture Unversity in Brooklyn...

The idea of a baby being born without race or religion is startling, and actually terrific, when one thinks about the baby's perception of self -- it is without race or religion...but perhaps intensely spiritual and completely at one with the entire universe.

Great commentary... It would be very interesting to see your revision of it, playing off Susie's idea.