Hauling out the Lemonade Stand

Periodically, we are forced to haul out the old Lemonade Stand.

While ePluribus Media strives to be self supporting with ads, we are barely covering the server bill with our ad income. That leaves other expenses out of reach unless we can go to the community for support.

We need to raise some dollars for fees for FOIA requests, reprint permissions, photos and graphics for our Journal stories.  In other words, we need cash to keep the servers humming, the backups running, and the lights on.

So if you can, donate ...

If you don't have funds, click on those blogad thingies.  Each click gives us a few pennies and they do add up.  Our operating costs are pretty low and currently every cent of donations goes to server rental, FOIA requests and other fees.  There is not one person involved in ePluribus Media who receives any money for services.

Whatever you do, thanks for all your support!

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 And there's always the old fshioned way! 

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