Hillary4You&Me ... Yes, We Can

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What do you think??

Sorry, I really have no comment, but the ditty will be running thru my head all day. :(

And adopting a discarded Nike slogan, here is the Obama Theme Song:

Do our politicians have to be rock stars too?

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But aren't the musical tastes different these days. It has a certain swing style to me. I think it is an appealing video. Does Obama have a song too???

I went to a choreography contest last year run by our local ballet academy and one of the girls did jazz dance to what turned out to be hip hop music. The words were chosen to be relatively inoffensive--big parental control--and anyway I wasn't really listening to them but watching the dance. I was astonished by the rythmic catchy music. My jaw dropped when I learned it was hip hop--which was certainly not on my radar screen.


I have been humming it all day ... have to admit it is better than the Backyardigans that have been stuck in my head since my baby granddaughter was here. :)

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