Hip Hop/Rap and Their Lyrics

Many music artist like Eminem, 50 Cent, etc... received many awards for his rap music.These musicians are promoting lyrics with hatred, violence, and degrading women and much more in some rap and hip hop music/videos.

Eminem received a lot of awards because of his music lyrics that degrades woman. He is only one of many artists cashing in on their hatred.Most of these lyrics from music has an impact on young women. They not just only rap about their hatred for women but also about killing people, getting shot, selling drugs, doing drugs, getting into gangs, killing people that are in different gangs, robbing people or stores, and much more. In the music lyrics there are messages that tell people what to do in some cases.

I believe there is connections on how people act and the crime rates. Now there is a thing now about a girl who will do anything for her man. This creates a specific mentality for women and also men. They have been a statistic that there is more women in jail for their relationships.

They are in jail because of selling drugs and committing crimes for their man. Young people too, listen to these type of lyrics and you can the acceptances among teenagers there is this impression that it's okay to be used for sex or to have sex and that there is not any emotional commitment necessary.

I find these lyrics a little bit disturbing, and find it in fact entirely true. Some of these lyrics have very bad and alot of people listen to it and especially little kids. At a young age they do not understand what is right from wrong, and listening to these lyrics they would think it is okay. Too a grown up they would just disregard it because they know better. If you see what is around you today, they are kids at a young age doing drugs, having sex, stealing from people, get into fights, getting into gangs and much more. I am pretty sure you would find it sickening to see all these things.

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This is good blog and i am agree with your thinking these sort of music is little bit disturbing.


I share your concern about the way peoples' ideas of themselves and the value of their lives to each and all of us is attacked through this kind of mind warfare against the young.

I wonder sometimes if there isn't a kind of vicious cycle at work here involving the way education is being undermined, shameful lack of employment opportunities providing real hope, drugs and crimes, and the things you mention. It doesn't seem to matter where the start is, themixture is like a treadmill it seems without a way of getting off.

I think restoring self-respect and an idea of value to people means much more efforts at sympathetic understanding of others in our world and in a way means having a change of heart so trying to do something about what we often find easier to ignore becomes a more powerful part of all our lives. After all, the only thing we can really be sure we have power over is ourselves. At the service of others that can be unstoppable. I hope you agree, and thank you for publishing these thoughtful ideas for us all to think about.