HRC v. Pence's EmailGate; Don't impeach, just remove & arrest.

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Saw the base picture crop up multiple places, and then saw the photo of the headline — thought combining them with a little flair would tell the whole story with its irony intact.

Pence needs to be removed, along with Trump and the rest of his Administration, their appointments, and the GOP’s leadership who have been running cover for them, contrary to their own oaths and duties.

My justification for simply removing the Trump Administration in its entirety, and then pushing for impeachment on key GOP collaborators like Ryan, McConnell, and Grassley, is based on a slightly different application of the concept of “bad faith:”

Don't "impeach" just remove. He's not the President: he forswore the oath & disqualified himself for office when he took the oath and assumed the office #InBadFaith

He showed & clearly stated his intent to misuse & abuse the office of the Presidency & its associated powers, and has acted upon that intent since day one.

His Vice President, transition team, and staff are all aware of this and have willfully and intentionally worked to help him accomplish a complete defrauding of Presidency and the nation.

The @GOP has & continues to aid & abet Trump's intentional abuse of power & destruction of nation's economic, social, nat'l security. Specifically, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Senator Grassley and Congressman Jason Chaffetz have played key roles in securing Trump’s position, while failing to serve their own duties and responsibilities and actively violating their own oaths of office.

Do not continue to "give in" to the idea that this man or his "Administration" are in any way legitimate. They're all aware & complicit.

Pick him & his cabal up, and take them to federal prison to await trial. Arrest and hold Ryan, McConnell, Grassley, and Chaffetz for same.

This is a Constitutional crisis and a national emergency. The Russia ties are only one small part of what is revealing itself as a major domestic coup — something that the GOP has been familiar and toying with for many years.

If you really want to “make America great again,” you’ll push anyone in Congress, in Homeland Security, in Justice, to stand up and act accordingly, to force their own colleagues and themselves to do their jobs and uphold their oaths or to step down for being unable to do so.

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