H.U.D. Chief Chosen

 Picture taken from New York City web site by A.P.

On his Saturday radio address, President elect Obama announced that he has selected Shaun Donovan to head the Housing and Urban Development Department.

Donovan a trained arhcitect is head of the New York's Housing Preservation and Development Department. He was a former Clinton administration HUD official with a national reputation for curtailing low-income foreclosures, developing affordable housing and managing the nation's largest housing plan,

According to an A.P. release:

Donovan has kept foreclosures to a minimum in the city's low- and moderate-income home ownership plan, with just five of 17,000 participating homes falling. He oversaw the creation of the $200 million New York Acquisition Fund, a collaboration involving the city, foundations and financial institutions. It is intended to help small developers and nonprofit groups compete for land in the private market.


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