I Went WAY Beyond Disgusted Looong Ago

The citizens of this Country, All Of Us, had really better wake up to the Total Incompetence we have as a Federal Government, All Branches and Almost All of the Agencies, But Most Of All the Department of Defense especially at a time of not one but two major Theaters of Combat Actions Raging!!

We've gone through this All before and this Country just Shrugs and Ho-Hums and moves along!

Below you'll find a Video I just put together of Two Reports out of KDKA TV in Pittsburgh

The first was reported yesterday the second part of the video is one they just reported tonight.

Military Wants 'Bonus' Monies Back - When Wounded!!

I found the first over at Think Progressive {you can leave comments at the site under their video}. There's had the volume real low so I visited the KDKA site and while watching their's I caught one, on same Vet, that was put up only minutes before. I downloaded both and combined them for One Disgusting Report about How This Administration, and I might add republican policy, are Further treating the Returning Maimed Veterans of Iraq and Afganistan while they rage their War of Choice!!

This is what 'Think Progressive' has up:

Military demanding bonus pay back from wounded vets.
“The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments.” Jordan Fox of Pittsburgh was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, cutting his service short by three months. “A few days ago, he received a letter from the military demanding nearly $3,000 of his signing bonus back.” Watch CBS affiliate KDKA’s report on Fox’s situation.

Last month, Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA) proposed legislation that would guarantee that wounded vets receive their full signing bonuses. Steve Benen has more

This is what KDKA TV has up for their followup report:

Military Says Bonus Letter Was A 'Mistake'

Jordan Fox injured his back and lost all vision in his right eye while in Iraq. Source: KDKA

UpdatedA KDKA investigation is getting national attention and results for a wounded soldier from Mt. Lebanon and perhaps thousands of others. The Army ordered Jordan Fox to return thousands of dollars in bonus money because his injuries prevented him from completing his tour.

I,once again, want to hear anyone running for Federal Office what they are going to do to Finally Fix the VA and their care facilities, from President on down, with a D or an I or any other letter of the Alphabet, excluding R, for we know what they Haven't Been Doing right from the beginning of this total disaster they keep cheering on, for the Troops and their Families, especially when they held All The Power!!

This is really nothing new, but if this country is going to Support initial invasions of others countries then they Better Be Prepared To Pay The Price For Their Follies of Arrogance and Failed Policies!!

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