I'll Leave You To Judge {Updated}

This morning on NPR's Morning Edition they had this report:

Iraq Vets Charged with Murder of Fellow Soldier

A soldier who had survived two tours in Iraq and had been sent home after suffering traumatic brain injury was murdered in December in Colorado Springs near Fort Carson, Colo. Army Spc. Kevin Shields was killed, according to police, by three fellow soldiers who had served with him in Iraq.

Army Spc. Kevin Shields was laid to rest on Dec. 15th. 2007

If you do a search of the names you'll find more information.

But at the above link you'll be able to read, and listen to, this mornings report.

You'll also find much more, like their MySpace page links, discussed in the report, as well as other information.

My first question was, especially after hearing one statement:

The AK-47 is not issued by the U.S. military, but it is commonly used by Iraqi insurgents. "This is a weapon that should have been turned over to higher commanders and stored," De Yoanna said.

Relating to 'Real Life'

Defendant Bastien told police that he saw Eastridge fire at Iraqi civilians with an AK-47 to make it seem like enemy fire. The Army's Criminal Investigative Division has investigated and so far has not been able to substantiate that charge. Eastridge earned a Purple Heart while in Iraq.

was, how many innocent Iraqi's did he, and or the others Kill for no reason, if statement is true, i.e. Atrosities, with little or no concern for their fellow soldiers lives, from the Blowback, thus getting one or more killed or maimed!

Experiance from 'Nam, as any Combat/Theater Vet from any conflict can tell you, Atrosities happen, and some are Intentional!

March 13-16 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will gather in Washington DC to witness and tell their stories and experiences about U.S. foreign policy in both countries. The nation will hear directly from those who have been there on the ground. This gathering will be in the tradition of the 1971 Winter Soldier investigations held by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Not since that original event has the American public had such an important opportunity to hear the truth about the brutality of war and the nature of U.S. foreign policy.

Sniper unit leader tells of ordering shooting
At a trial for one of his soldiers, the U.S. Army team leader says he ordered an Iraqi civilian killed 'to shut him up.

After Janabi's 17-year-old son, Mustafa, discovered them and was briefly detained by the sniper unit, Hensley said he decided he had no choice but to kill Janabi.

He described the decision on May 11 as one of many hard choices in a counterinsurgency campaign in Jarf Sakhr, 35 miles southwest of Baghdad.

But they let the Son go, think on that, as to their reasoning for killing the father.

Hensley said he had planted an AK-47 assault rifle on the body after Vela had shot Janabi, which he described as a common procedure.

James Culp, Vela's civilian defense attorney, said this was the third case he had been involved with in which soldiers had planted weapons on bodies to boost their cases for "kills" in Iraq.

To all those who've joined the ranks of us Combat/Theater Veterans Atrosities Happen some are even policy from the top of the chain, some are intentional by one or more individuals, most are accidental.

But they do happen and when they do they endanger the rest in possible 'Blowback', that's War.

They only happen because of the actions of the Few but they are perceived by the Invaded and Occupied as Acts Of Murder and other Human Rights Crimes and Retaliated as such, and the Invaded Populace Perception is the only one that matters!

We Condemn others for the same and if we don't prosecute, right to the Top, we loose our Morality as a Nation and People!

Waterboarding, as Torture, is now front and center, but what other forms are we Condoning and Practising!

We are now the Face of Terrorism, as a Nation, for we are Terrorizing Millions!

And what is Extremely Dangerous and Much more than simple Sad, we have Many, here in this Society, that want us to sink even lower into this abis we've created!!

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