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These are a couple of recent posts from Ilona. The first looks to be a Very Interesting Online Tool to use for information and citizen research and much more, I'll let her explain:

New Google Knol on Combat PTSD

Google has just launched a new online product called Knol (short for 'knowledge'), some say to compete with the ever popular Wikipedia. While there are some similarities, there are notable differences as well -- chief among them the ability to produce and control your own page of original content.

I've just created my knol on Combat PTSD (beefing it up with additional sections in the weeks ahead), and invite you to head over to read, rate and/or review it. You're welcome to leave comments and recommend changes, too.

And this:

Online Classes Help Everyone Learn More About Combat PTSD

Since you're online right now and have found your way to this blog, perhaps via a search engine or another link, you're most likely someone that's pretty comfortable with using the Internet.

It's a powerful source of information.

You can read the rest at the link above with the information and backlinks

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for helping us all keep up with Ilona. That girl never ceases to amaze me.

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