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Bev Harris of Black Box Voting sent out a BBV ALERT that some who didn't receive or know about might find very useful for tomorrow, watching the video's had me thinking why do we tend to make things more complicated than they really need to be. I thought I'd share, adding a few more important links, if nothing else it educates on how we process our votes, something I'm afraid many need to better understand especially with these modern voting machines that aren't much more safisticated than those you use daily, that freeze up, can run slow, or can be hacked from wherever.

Black Box Voting was asked by YouTube to prepare an easy to follow public education program for Protecting the Count on ELECTION NIGHT and the days that follow. We collaborated with and Election Defense Alliance. YouTube has created a Channel called Video Your Vote. The Black Box Voting Protect the Count series contains important information and several video clips never before made public.

Please distribute immediately and as widely as you can. EASY INSTRUCTIONS: View the videos that best fit your location.

1. Protect the Count - most locations in America(4 min)

Takes 90 minutes on Election Night. You can even go out after polls have closed. Please also view video # 3, because it shows what to look for to identify tampered poll tapes and the kinds of small errors on tapes that can appear with memory card tampering. Upload any video you take to Video the Vote - Post link or comments for what you found in the state and jurisdiction at Black Box Voting

2. Protect the Count - Absentee / Central Count (8 min)

(Applies to 13 states with CENTRALLY COUNTED ballots and/or HEAVY ABSENTEE VOTING)

These are the most challenging Protect the Count locations.

3. Protect the Count - New England / New Hampshire(5 min)

If you live anywhere in New England and can drive to any voting machine location in New Hampshire to observe and video poll closing, please do so. If you live anywhere in America that has polling place results tapes, please look at this video to see what tampered tapes look like.

Contact Protect the Count - New Hampshire organizers at Protect the Vote-New Hampshire

You can view the list for which New Hampshire locations use voting machines here: BBV

4. Protect the Count - New York (9 min)

New Yorkers are probably in the best shape for Election 2008, but not for long. This shows the details of how the counting of the lever machines proceeds after polls close, and gives you the details of the fight New Yorkers will have on your hands in 2009.

Bev signs off with this:

I'm counting on you to be as proactive as possible to fight for your voting rights. The actions in the Protect the Count series are self-serve, simple to do, and designed for just grabbing a neighbor or a buddy and taking action. Don't worry about blanketing every area or organizing the whole state. Just pick a place and DO it. I guarantee it will be a fascinating and important experience, and could provide THE crucial evidence in the very undesirable event that the election turns out not to be fair.

Bev Harris
Founder - Black Box Voting

Hope this is helpfull to some and educational to many, from viewing the video's the numbers are below a thousand showing that many haven't watched yet. You can visit here: Protecting the Count to see the E Bev sent out with the direct links to the YouTube video's etc. that you can than visit anytime.

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You can find the list posted Here and Here, closing with this:

After 8 years of fighting bad stuff, it kinda makes your head spin to think of all this change actually happening, huh? But it really could. And it's just the beginning. Cause this is the stuff Obama has already committed to. And America's progressives are just getting warmed up.

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

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"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."