Is the Internet Our New Primary Source of Edutainment?

The YouTube, MySpace, Facebook; all of these sites are significant amongst the millions and millions of internet websites around the world. These are among the more popular and more controversial sites that plague favorite past times. The big question, however, is are these web browsers and the many others out there on the internet the new source of education and entertainment?

Edutainment - the new term in youth culture that refers to the combination of education and entertainment can be used to describe the new hype or craze that happens to start at the hands of the net. The internet becomes more and more prominent with each and every day that passes, which is in part due to its convenience.

Taking an educational view, the internet provides simple to access sites and engines such as Google and Yahoo, which provides more than one million portals per research daily. It is easier to get results from the computer than it is to get results from research books due to the fact that with the simple typing in of the term(s), the information can be found. In many ways, this is also an advantage to the millions of recipients that use the web everyday.
Next is entertainment. Such websites as YouTube and MySpace allows everyday humans to post videos of themselves or of others up for the entire world to view. YouTube has been the front of many controversial viewings since its inception in 2005. The popular site is also an alternate for traditional television, since the owners of YouTube have very little limitations to its site, which allows for people to upload full episodes onto the stream, without the intent of infringement.

Another common thread that YouTube has been good for is the Presidential Election. With just three presidential contenders left in this alignment, there is a lot to catch up on and the internet plays a pivotal role in this. Another good supporter of the Election is MySpace, which allows people to create web blogs and respond to things that they may agree/disagree with. Among general respect of the internet, MySpace and YouTube are the most watched websites in all the wireless world.

With everything that is available in a virtual setting, it is a viable article that the internet has successfully replaced television and books as past time of choice.
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