Int'l Cssn of Jurists Issues Report on US-UK"War on Terror"

The Geneva, Switzerland based International Commission of Jurists today issued a comprehensive, 213 page report on a three year long investigation into what the US and British have called the "Global War on Terrorism" and what the consequences of that war have been for legal systems and human rights world-wide.

This BBC news story from tonight featured the publication of the report and provided a link to the PDF file of the whole document.

The BBC story reports that

"The report will make uncomfortable reading for many in governments on both sides of the Atlantic, says BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner.

The panel said the legal systems put in place after World War II were "well-equipped to handle current terror threats".

It said countries should use civilian legal systems to try suspects and "not resort to ad-hoc tribunals or military courts to try terror suspects".

The report's authors expressed concern at the lack of adequate safeguards in the use of control orders, the weakness of diplomatic assurances in relation to deportations and "excessive detention without charge".




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Stella Rimington retired former chief of one of the British security agencies speaks out aganst what has been done in that country in the name of internal security. She says that the US war on terrorism has been counter-productive, with the US acting as a "recruiting sergeant" for terrorist groups around the world.

This is an important development I have not seen reported elsewhere.