Iowa. The opening and the closing for Barack Obama.

The Iowa Winners: The Obamas


Barack Obama has taken us on an incredible ride. We are so high, that we are afraid to pinch ourselves because it may not be true. He is about to become the Democratic Nominee. And you want to know the best part about it? We put him there.

Iowa. Driving from Illinois to Iowa, I still have the route memorized. The wonderful people of Iowa. Their hopes, dreams, aspirations of change, propelled Barack to where he is today. We owe Iowa, not only a debt, but for being the state that lead the way to change.

I will tell you my story on walking towards the movement. It began with Katrina. The devastation was unimaginable. The horror, grief, shock of the Bush Administration and this country to have our citizens disrespected, dishonored and just dissed. That experience got me off my ass to say, enough of Bush.

So, in the process as the horserace began I was coy and standoffish. I wanted a candidate who can take it to the mat and all the way. I wanted someone different who can MOVE ME to a greater cause than me. I watch, waited and wondered if anyone would emerge. And he did, Barack Obama.

As much as I liked Barack, I needed to know if he was capable of withstanding the Clinton Machine. Let’s face it. The Clintons have run the Democratic Party, as is today, with an iron fist. Why should they withdraw or handover what they, themselves worked for to this date? That question is warranted. So, for me the first test was money.

Barack Obama shocked everyone with his first quarter haul of 26M and then shut everyone up with his second quarter haul of 32M. From that point, I knew I was with him all the way.

But you want to know what has been the most motivating experience of this primary season? The Obama Campaign’s capacity to make us responsible and inclusive of this campaign. They were accountable for every dollar spent. They listen to us. They provided the tools we have had to work with. The Obama Campaign empowered us, yes little old us, to make this campaign the best it could be. And this has not been easy.

Through all the ups and downs, the highs and lows, one thing I have admired about The Obama Campaign is their frankness and honesty. They told us we would not win every race, but that we must work hard. They told us we were the underdog, and we knew it. They provided us information to send to our friends, neighbors, about Barack because people were clueless about him. But for all that has happened this campaign has always lifted us up, when we felt extremely down.

There is something amiss and it smells like change. People want it more than anything, but before they grab it we must make sure they understand it. Change is a word that is hard for many. When you become accustom to the same old thing, the status quo, you begin to believe that you don’t deserve anything else. Folks, I am here to tell you, we deserve it all and more.

After the atrocious 8 years of the Bush Administration, and here is a short list of their greatest hits, if we ever want change we need to stand up fight and grab it.

Lastly, here is the speech that changed everything in Iowa, from the October 2007 Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. The speech that moved everyone towards Barack. Just sit back, listen and remember why we are doing what we are doing, why Barack and Michelle will be in Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday, and why we must win this election in November.

I salute each and everyone of you. We did this together. It is not over. We need every single foot soldier for the huge mountain we must climb in November. And climb it to win, we must.


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