Is It Appropriate To OUT Someone ?

This has been a sore subject with me ever since the magazine OUT was first published and the OUTING craze began back in the 90's.

Lately at just about every turn when either I'm checking news for myself or my blogs, someone, somewhere on the Internet or publications (which I read via website) are outing, attempting to out or are yelling from the highest pink mountain peak that so and so should come out and be a role model.

Really !?!

Two links I have for you today.

The first at Politico about a documentary film (you may have already heard of it) about outing Republicans called "Outrage"

The second link is to a commentary I have written at FOCUS.

The timing of the two is quite by coincidence. Earlier this week I was planning on writing the commentary and finally got around to it late Friday evening.

The Politico article I happened across this morning when I checked out my Facebook and found a link from one of my "friends", Michelangelo Signorile, gay activist, writer and host of OutQ on Sirius/XM Radio (he appeared several times this week on AC360 and TruTV).

As always I welcome comments at FOCUS.

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