John Edwards Ramping Up in Iowa and New Hampshire!

Today, John Edwards received the coveted endorsement of Congressman Bruce Braley of Iowa's first district! Congressman Braley is one of three Democratic Iowa congressional representatives, and the first to give his endorsement in the presidential race.

Edwards has also launched a new ad to begin airing today in New Hampshire.


Today in Waterloo, Congressman Bruce Braley is to endorse John Edwards for President.

"Today, I'm proud to endorse John Edwards for president," said Braley.

"Throughout this campaign, on issue after issue, John has proposed bold ideas to end the power of special interests in Washington and restore our government to the American people. John is the only Democratic candidate who grew up in rural America, and he has most specific, most progressive and most far-reaching ideas. I truly believe he is the best Democratic candidate to lead us to victory in 2008. With his leadership, I believe we can make his vision of One America a reality."

Congressman Braley is the first of three Democratic Iowa Congressman to announce an endorsement for President. This key endorsement builds on the support Edwards continues to gain in the state. As Jonathan Singer suggests:

First off, this could be the big piece of news in the statewide media Tuesday, and perhaps more importantly it could prompt the national media to remember Edwards, who they have been perhaps too quick to forget given their focus on the scuffles between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. What's more, a Braley endorsement could bring some of the organizational support and expertise that helped put Braley in Congress last fall. All in all, tomorrow should be a good day for the Edwards campaign.

Congressman Braley worked his way through school, as John Edwards did and has a history of fighting for workers' rights.

Braley was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006 and represents Iowa's first congressional district. He serves on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure where he is Vice-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. He also serves on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the Committee on Small Business, and is the chairman of the Subcommittee
on Contracting and Technology.

Edwards stated that he is "honored to receive Bruce's endorsement" noting that, "He is a true leader and a strong voice on behalf of Iowa's families. Bruce is committed to ending the power of special interests and making sure all hard-working Iowans have the opportunity to work hard, get ahead, and leave their children a better future. I look forward to joining with Bruce to change our country."

In conjunction with this endorsement, Edwards kicks off his "Building a Better America" week. He will highlight five key planks in his platform:

- Universal Health Care: Edwards will create a true universal health care system that covers everyone in America, brings down costs, and creates more choices and security.

- Good Jobs: Edwards will invest in the good jobs of the future by creating a new energy economy based on clean, renewable energy, rejecting failed trade deals in favor of new smarter trade policies, and eliminating tax incentives for corporations to invest overseas.

- Excellent Schools: Edwards will invest in teachers with higher pay and a new National Teachers University, overhaul No Child Left Behind, and invest more to turn around struggling schools. His College for Everyone initiative will let everyone work their way through college.

- Affordable Housing: Edwards will help families save for a downpayment with a new Get Ahead tax credit, create 1 million housing vouchers to let families live where they choose, build more economically integrated housing.

- Strong Families: Edwards will work with states to offer eight weeks of paid leave to new parents and workers with serious illnesses in the family. He will also create a universal Great Promise program of early childhood education and more than double the child care tax credit.

The Iowa caucus looks like a dead heat in just about every poll recently, no matter which candidate is leading by a couple of points. The Iowa caucuses notoriously hard to poll, however, and one of the reasons is second choices.

If a candidate does not get 15% of the support in a particular caucus location, his or her supporters must choose another candidate. This makes second choice is a major factor, so I think it's good news for Edwards that he seems to be leading by a wide margin as a second choice for many voters in a recent Rasmussen poll.

In terms of second-choices in Iowa, John Edwards tops the list of candidates. He is the second choice for 28% of likely caucus participants. Obama is the second choice for 18%, Clinton for 16%, and Richardson for 15%.

At this time in 2003, Howard Dean was widely expected to win the Iowa caucus. Will Hillary Clinton be the next Dean?

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire today, the new John Edwards ad, "Together," begins airing. In the ad, Edwards explains that he believes you can't get universal health care by giving drug companies, insurance companies, and their lobbyists a seat at the table. Edwards asks

"Anybody who argues that every American is not entitled to health care, I want them to explain to you: What child in this country is not worthy of health care?"

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Can you find out how the endorsement has been treated in Iowa news today. It is my belief that Clinton and Obama will neutralize and nullify each other leaving Edwards on top. Since they have moved so far to the center I am hoping this is the case.


I just read your earlier post on the NC meeting. Friends of mine went as volunteers--Tony was monitoring the line you were on and Karen was checking the credentials of delegate's guests. Anyway she did get inside to see and hear both Edwards and Obama and thought that Edwards sounded more "passionate." She was favorably impressed by him.

You mentioned in your conference post that you had to travel further to get to Tysons by which I infer that you likely live in Maryland. TeacherKen of Kos fame also lives in the MD, in the metro region. What I am wondering is if we can get some regional coverage together the way the Ohio folks are doing so brilliantly. For instance stuff on treatemnt of immigrants. On that question in Falls Church, the rest of Fairfax and Loudoun there seems to have been a swing away from the anti-immigrant extremists who were getting quite nasty--with proposals to cut undocumented immigrants and their children from free medical services, and so on. Anyway if you are interested in weighing in on local issues (in my view these should be of national interest, ie not the local Loudoun zoning obsessions) please let me know, and/or forward this to your friends.