John McCain: "It's All in Your Head."

I received this from MoveOn and I thought I would pass it on.

We've been listening to John McCain and George Bush talk about the economy, and we've noticed a pattern: they keep saying the problems are all in our heads.
McCain's campaign co-chair Phil Gramm had to step down because of controversy over his comment that we were in the middle of a "mental recession." But the truth is, John McCain threw Phil Gramm under the bus for saying, less artfully, what he himself has said repeatedly. See it by clicking the video.

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It's psychological alright.

But the reason it is psychological is that American children have not been taught accounting and personal finance in school since WWII. Instead they studied Shakespeare and some studied calculus. Calculus is harder than accounting but how many haven't used calculus since they got out of school?

The schools produce drones to be used by the system not people with a psychology to best serve their own interests.

The only thing dumber than listening to a politician talk about economics is listening to an economist talk about economics.


Kill an economist for Karl

Kill an economist for Karl