Join Us Leading Up To Dec. 8th

Starting on this Thanksgiving Day 2007!

It's long past time for Us Adults to Finally become the Responsible Beings we are supposed to be, for the Coming Generations on a whole host of issues!

We aren't here for Our Personal Benefit, Wealth, or Power, we're here to build better Futures for those who follow, that's our Main Responsibility and Always Has Been!

But I'll let Pete Seeger, and the children {always more adult than us} introduce us to one Extremely Important Issue and Coming Event!

Pete Seeger on December 8th

Legendary folk singer-songwriter Pete Seeger sings his song One Blue Sky and talks about the need to get involved in the International Day of Climate Action on December 8th, 2007.

You can go to Climate Crisis Coalition for more information.

Over at the Climate Crisis Coalition you will find the following:

*Download the poster by clicking here!
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*Sign up to create a local event!

*Search for an event near you!

*See a map of all of the events

And this:

Al Gore has signed the Kyoto and Beyond petition, and urges you to do the same, and to encourage others to do so.
Read his endorsement
Visit Kyoto and Beyond

And a Whole Host of other Important information and links, Visit the Site!

In the Seeger/Kids video another site link is givin 1 Sky.

Where you'll find this Powerful Video, with the Kids Leading The Way:

One Movement: StepItUp, PowerShift, 1Sky

And again a Whole Host of important information!

We Responsible Adults? don't Elect the Children to Lead, though most of the time I think we should, or at least Listen To Them!

We are suppose to 'Hire' other Responsible Adults? to lead the whole in the right directions, making the Policies that Effect our present but More Important The Future!

Those who wish to lead? are supposed to be giving us their public resumes leading up to our Votes, they are supposed to lay down their Honest Stands on a whole host of issues we face as human beings on this planet, for the Planet and for All that exists on it!

We aren't supposed to Hire on Spin and Talking Points of others who are labeled, and label themselves Experts, they are only so called Experts on the Manipulation of Words there to Deceive!

We must abolish so called Think Tanks and start reusing the gifts we've All been endowed with, though for many are getting more dormant, and Start Thinking for ourselves with Common Sense!

We have a Whole Host of Extreme Problems, especially now, after we and the world, have been sent on a spiraling direction that will only lead to the Extremes of Diasterous Incidents that the coming generations will be facing!

From Retaliations for the Deaths and Destructions we have wrought to the Speeding Up of a Planet's Climate Change that may just make the Human Animal Extinct, just as other living creatures are disappearing right now, to the monatary costs that these future generations will bear because of our selfish follies of the present!

Become what You are supposed to be, Responsible Adults!. Get off those butts and out from sitting in front of these technologies bitching and complaining And Actually Get Involved, there's Alot Of Important Work To Be Done and an Awful Lot Of Corrections to be made, And Fast!!!

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I want to share an e-mail, many of us are receiving this Thanksgiving morning from one young lady who took One Extremely Important Issue on her shoulders and hasn't relented since.

Sending my thanks to you

Hi everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sending out my thanks for your personal and professional support and friendship over the past two years.

In big and small ways, each of you have mentored me, nurtured me, rooted for me, and worked with me as I moved two years ago into the issue of advocating for our returning veterans and military families. The need for your help was and is great, and remains greatly appreciated.

Even more so, especially to those who have been at this a lot longer than I have, I thank you for embracing me and sending me in the right directions when I simply asked for your assistance or advice. You helped to expand my networks exponentially, giving me the chance to learn more about the issue from the very best hearts and minds out there. Thank you so very much.

I know that all of these efforts were not specifically on my behalf personally. The need is so great and the difficulties so real for our military families coping with combat PTSD that anyone willing to come into the fold – be they even a novice such as myself – is welcomed with open arms and kindheartedness. Thank you for that and so much more.

Sending you and yours my personal wishes for a peaceful and warm Thanksgiving.

Cheers and thanks,


Ilona Meager started out on a journey to Move A Nation To Care.... on one issue PTSD, which has expanded into Traumatic Brain Injuries as well. This isn't only for Combat Veterans but People in general, for many have the Traumatic Incidents that lead to change and troubled minds!

She didn't do this alone, initially, but with the help of others she found online as they combined into a group ePluribus Media researching, collecting, archiving, information on PTSD of which Ilona put together in the a book Moving A Nation To Care....... and a growing website PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within

I'm still convinced that All the Media reports about PTSD started because of the Dedication to an issue, PTSD, by a few Extremely Concerned and Dedicated People writing about and posting up their writings on this new and growing technology about what they finding and concerned about!

It is Us who should be Thanking Them not Ilona Thanking Us!

And I, as well as many other Veterans Do Thank You on this Thanksgiving Day 2007!

Ilona adds a PS to the above:

P.S. Although it has not yet been officially made public, House Veterans Affairs Chairman Bob Filner has today invited me to testify before Congress on December 12 on the issue of veterans’ suicide. I’m humbled at the opportunity to bring the average citizen’s voice into the issue and wish to do a good job for everyone. Would appreciate any words of advice as I prepare myself for the hearing. I will send an update as my participation in the hearing is fully confirmed and my name is added to the day’s roster. Until then, please keep this news confidential. ty

House Committee on Veterans Affairs

That's right, our very own Young Dedicated Lady May just bring her New Found and Growing Knowledge to the Peoples House to Benefit Us All!!

Now just think of the possibilities You might be able to accomplish, if not by yourself than certainly joining with others!

We Pass Along Our Thanks To You, and Your Family, Ilona! And We Are Extremely Happy To Have You Now Leading This Important Issue! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

If they were sent to fight, they are too few. If they were sent to die, they are too many!

Is 'Funding' Really For Troops?

What Happened To Funding and Oversite For Military/Veteran Care In Previous Congresses?

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."