Kucinich's fight to impeach Bush - Part I

July 16, 2008

American News Project: Kucinich's Fight to Impeach Bush - Part I : Rep. Dennis Kucinich continued his seemingly quixotic crusade to impeach President Bush last week. But with Speaker Pelosi suggesting the House Judiciary Committee may hear his argument, Kucinich might get his day very soon.

From VetPax

The sponsoring organizations are the three metro area chapters of Veterans For Peace (New York City, Tappan Zee, and Northern New Jersey), the Clarence Fitch Chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Actvities have been endorsed by Black Veterans for Social Justice, Veterans for Common Sense, Citizen Soldier, New York City Labor Against War, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, and Gold Star Families For Peace.

Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on Friday, July 25th

We've got a shot at letting the world know that we've finally summoned the courage to get the facts about an 8 year run by a murderous gang of international thugs into the World's consciousness

NON Believers, take notice: WE CAN DO THIS!

We Vets met w/ Conyers on June 11, July 9, and we'll be at the hearings on the 25th.

However, we still need 10's of thousands of calls, all across America, to pump up the D's, and THE 9 COURAGEOUS "R's" who voted CORRECT, today ( 229 D's, & 9 R's YEA; 179 R's, 1 D NAY ) {NV=6 D & 11 R }

By the way, an important part of the Hearings, on July 25th will be about "Yellow Cake", WMD, etc...
For our 4,120 KIA, and the 100's of thousands of Iraqi's killed by the Administrations lying & murderous policies, GET UP, & RAISE HELL!

From AfterDowning Street

Congressman John Conyers has informed Veterans for Peace that he will hold the hearing we've been pushing for at 10 a.m. on Friday the 25th of July. He has not yet confirmed that publicly, but another member of the Judiciary Committee has confirmed it to me. Our job is to make it as much as possible an impeachment hearing and then to insist on a real impeachment hearing. The 9% Congress will only hurt itself by advertising Bush and Cheney's crimes together with their own failure to move impeachment forward. Impeachment would revitalize Congress and even the Democratic Party, and it's our job to make that crystal clear. Read Dave Lindorff's take on this.

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Still write before Bush leaves office it seems a bit pointless. Maybe we should shoot for war crimes.


We will Never regain any Face in the World, they're not paying attention now to anything we say, that'll be the rule, everyone else will just move on and leave us, and we might as well just burn the paper the Constitution is written on, it'll be worthless, and others will know that.

McCain Uses POW Status as Sword & Shield

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."