Lee County Sheriff - "Hussein" - Deep DooDoo Comin?

Remember the Florida County Sheriff that made the news the other day, sure you do, well the story hasn't ended, though I think he belives it has.

For he has released a Final Statement and believes it's the Final Time this will be brought up, not so fast there son.

Sheriff's comment scorches phone lines

FORT MYERS: The phone lines lit up at the Lee County Sheriff's Office this morning after Sheriff Mike Scott's comments at the Sarah Palin rally Monday.

In urging voters to choose John McCain in the November election, Scott used Barack Obama's middle name - "Hussein."

And as everyone who watched the video, not needed here, noticed he gave "emphasis" to the middle name and thanked the crowd for the cheers etc. he was receiving and had to stop speaking from the use of Baracks middle name, not only it's use but it's forceful delivery.

Now apparently the amount of phone calls are forcing another action, possibly the beginning of more to come.

Feds investigating sheriff after 'Hussein' remark

LEE COUNTY: Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott may have more to worry about than just the court of public opinion. Federal investigators are now looking into whether Scott broke the law by campaigning for John McCain.

Officials with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel say they have received so many phone calls from the public that they launched an investigation into Sheriff Scott on Tuesday.

Some of what may be coming:

The Lee County Sheriff's Office receives more than $1 million in federal grant money from everything from human trafficking to bullet proof vests.

But if Sheriff Scott is found in violation of the Hatch Act, the feds can pull two years salary worth of federal funding - the equivalent to $300,000 for the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Hmmmm, and could there possibly be a firing or resignation to save face, we'll see.

But for now Sheriff Mike has this to say:

Sheriff's 'final comment' on Palin rally

Below is the full, unedited statement released by Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott regarding his speech at the Sarah Palin rally on Monday.

Now you're going to have to go over and read what Sheriff Mike has to say, it is abit winded, not real long just bloviated and somewhat arrogant for a public servant.

But I'll give you this:

Following the political event on Monday of this week, I have employed my usual and consistent practice of full accessibility to print, radio, and television media, as well as the general public.

Wonder how really open Mike is, I'll have to ask my family members and friends who live in that area of Florida, but till than this is his closing:

This media release will serve as final comment on my use of another person’s name.

Not so fast there Sheriff Mike, apparently the Feds, and you're a cop?, aren't finished yet, hell they've just begun. So wether or not you want to close the door on your batant actions of using your position to make points with the radical fringes in your neck of the woods, the Feds aren't through with you just yet, and I'll bet neither are many of the citizens of Lee County Florida!!

The two links, other than the statement link, have video reports at the site pages as well.

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