Lest we Forget the Global Effects of Gangsterism

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"Too often I fear, we suffer tunnel vision.when it comes to the enormity of the present crisis. arianfilm"


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you are being lied to about pirates

In 1991, the government of Somalia collapsed. Its nine million people have been teetering on starvation ever since – and the ugliest forces in the Western world have seen this as a great opportunity to steal the country's food supply and dump our nuclear waste in their seas.


The people that have been engaged in kidnapping-for-ransom would still be operating under a stable, rational, and economically sound government in Somalia.  They are *criminals* who have no interest beyond the next day's take.

I believe the consensus view in the media was that many of today's pirates were fisherman who lost their ability to earn a living as factory fishing took over the area.  That doesn't condone kidnapping or any other crime, but conversely I don't think it is right to suggest from our incomparably better situation here -- even in cases where we face unemployment or home foreclosures -- that conditions of homelessness and starvation do not breed crime.