From the Mailbag: [submissions] Festival video: Retraining for the Global Economy

This video was sent to us by Bill Hutchinson

Filmmakers from Canada’s No-Job Capitol Re-brand Panhandling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Private banks and corporations need public bailouts to 
survive. Pension funds are the new piggy bank. Outsourcing is a growth 

What’ll be the next big re-brand?

A festival comedy from Windsor, Ontario—Canada’s current no-job 
capitol—is available for sharing on youtube, myspace, and 
Retraining for the Global Economy screened at the Planet Ant Film & Video 
Festival, The Indie Gathering, and Harvesting the FAM in summer, 2008.

The training film satire depicts Windsor’s current economic woes, and 
“trains” the recently unemployed how to succeed in the fastest-growing 
employment sector: Personal Fundraising, a re-branding of the ancient 
profession of panhandling.

The film is now available for free sharing on the following sites—
On youtube:
On myspace:

About the filmmakers:
Patrick Lobzun, Bill Hutchinson and Kim Hutchinson are a group of 
Southwestern Ontario filmmakers. For more information, visit

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