Military Proposes Execution for Key Guantanamo POW's

Right! You can't call them prisoners of war, they were enemy combatants or better yet detainees. The news is that the military is seeking the execution of six prisoners at "G'itmo" (that's another cozy sounding word.) There is a slight problem for the military in that the prisoners would have access to the civilian appeals court process.

The New York Times covers the story in an article by William Glaberson, U. S. Said to Seek Execution for 6 in Sept. 11 Case. We can look at this as simply political grandstanding to bolster the Republican candidate for president, but I am struck by the wider implications.

Along with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, accoding to Glaberson the other five to be charged include detainees officials say were coordinators and intermediaries in the plot, among them a man labeled the “20th hijacker,” who was denied entry to the United States in the month before the attacks. One was the presumed 20th person who would have a hijacker but was denied entry to the U.S. Considering the Administrations unwillingness to allow "detainees" a fair trial so far, to me this smells like a move toward "legal lynchings."

I cannot document the following which I half heard while on NPR; however they reported that some jurisdictions are considering allowing individuals present during an armed robbery where a death occurs to be executed even if they were not involved in the shooting. Normally they receive life sentences. The discussion was centered on the plight of immature adolescents who may be drawn into a robbery without fully realizing the possible consequences.

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