Mississippi: The Poll That Counted

While it was dullsville in West Virginia, with media pundits refrying the beans, the real news was happening in Mississippi. Not only did Travis Childers win the congressional race in one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE districts in the United States, but he won it handily 54 to 46. And this is the third such bi-election win in the last three months. This district has not only been solidly Republican, but in 2004 the vote there was 60% to 40% in Bush's favor.

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and notice the reference to Blue Dog Democrats.....
excerpt:House Takeover in Mississippi Shows Good Things Come in Threes for Dems

The GOP rolled out every big gun that it could in trying to prevent the Mississippi loss, with Cheney preceded in Davis’ campaign efforts by prominent Mississippi Republicans such as Gov. Haley Barbour , Sen. Thad Cochran and former Sen. Trent Lott, whose resignation last December to join a lobbying firm prompted Barbour’s appointment of Wicker as his successor and set in motion the chain of events leading to Tuesday’s special election win by Childers.

Childers successfully courted crossover votes by positioning himself as a “pro-life,” “pro-gun” Democrat who opposed new trade agreements that could threaten the Mississippi job market and would represent district interests regarding education.

Republicans attempted to cast Childers as a liberal by tying him to Obama as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry , the Democrats’ 2004 challenger to Bush. But Childers found support from conservative Democrats such as Rep. Gene Taylor of southern Mississippi’s 4th District and the Blue Dog Coalition of House Democrats who share fiscally conservative principles.



His opponent was also a home boy. This is the third time a Dem has trumped a Republican in a recent by-election. I know he sought to distance himself from Obama saying he was voting on what he believed. Equally Obama has distanced himself from Wright. Obama remained in the church--I see no problem in that but the noise machine makes a lot out of it. Childers has stayed in the Democratic party. My bet is that anger at the mess the Republicans have made of things will trump the noise machine and racism. Hillary by the way is also pro-choice and she is nuanced on the gun issue as is Obama--ie hunting and kids having guns are two different universes.