More Alaskan Political Hijinks, Snowzilla Banned!!!!!!!!{UPDATED!!}

originally posted: 2008-12-22 12:28:12 -1000. Promoted by Roxy. Death to Frosty. Yikes!

UPDATE: Just Received

Snowzilla rises from the dead


Snowzilla, the giant snowman city officials tried to prevent from being built this year, appeared suddenly this morning at his usual winter home in East Anchorage.

Someone built Snowzilla overnight despite a grinchy ruling that the 16-foot construction was a public nuisance and could not make its now traditional appearance on Columbine Street in front of the Powers family home.

Check back for more information as it becomes available.

There wasn't a picture of the rebirth, yet!!


I read about this earlier today, and felt a sadness envelope me in these troubled times, and divisive political partisanship, and not so seemingly a coming 'Merry Christmas' for far too many.

It wasn't the weather. It wasn't angry neighbors bearing shovels and pick axes.

It turns out Snowzilla's biggest foe -- the one who felled the controversial but much-loved giant -- was a notice-bearing city code enforcement officer.

Now as it says it wasn't the neighbors bearing shovels and pickaxes but some apparently didn't like the giant snowball with the funny hat and the Big Smile.

Not everybody in the neighborhood liked all the cars and visitors.
So, city officials have deemed Snowzilla a public nuisance and safety hazard.

A work of Love and Fun by those who really understand the Joy one can find in Life.

"The kids had spent hours and hours of work on it," Billy Powers said on Sunday.

Now this is the Anchorage Daily News story about the death of Snowzilla, a big "Frosty" to us in the lower 49, City codes slay Snowzilla and another cut of what he meant to many:

It was just a few years ago that 16-foot-tall Snowzilla arose in a residential yard in Airport Heights, launching an annual procession of local gawkers and an international media blitz.

Camera crews came from Russia and Japan.

MudFlats, our now famous Alaskan Blogger has another great writeup, on this Sad Tale now going to become just a memoray for all those little Anchorage girls and boys who built "Snowzilla" and thoes who viewed on the Annual Family Outings at this time of year, Alaska: Snowzilla Declared a “Public Nuisance”. Decapitated..

It's a real cute write about a sad ending, to the children in all of us, of Joy from the simple things.

And I present you "Snowzilla" better known as "Frosty the Snowman" down here!!

I wonder if It could see Russia from it's lofty heights??

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When I was a kid we just loved the snow and usually had it around for many months up in Cleveland with the darn lake effect. According to the type of snow we'd choose our method of madness...packy snow was snowmen and snowforts. Dry snow was sledriding in Metro Park at nite with my Dad. I can't even tell you the thrill of tobbagoning, I'll shut up now because ice skating is next!

Rebuild the snowman kids!!! Get those gloves and snowsuits soppy wet.

 Drat! The thought of the kids in my neighborhood building a snowzilla at the top of a hill that overlooked a valley through which all of the local traffic ran....I bet we could've run an extension cord from a nearby house for glowing red eyes. But no. Alas. We were too busy obliterating each other in snow fights or rushing down the hill on sleds to be bothered with snow men.


I've got to remember to tell my brother. He'll be devastated we evil urchins never thought of it.

I live in Anchorage Alaska, 5 houses away from the Snowzilla site. only ONE family is whining and they whine about everything. This a a great dad giving his kids something to do in the winter. Now Anchorage is a tourist drivin town, our city managers are sensitive to stateside complaints. They could case a less about those of us that live here, we're not going to spend extra money here, you are. Call the mayors office, tell them that you will never visit Alaska because of this. 907-343-7100 or E mail him at If he gets enough stateside comments, this stupid stop work order will die. Mr Powers could be letting his kids sit inside and play video games, run around an creat trouble but no, he's giving them a creatinve project to keep them busy and give them a sense of pride when it's done. In 2006 this brough camera crews from Japan and Russia, if it was OK to build in 06, why is it unsafe to build in 2008? Whats next, no Christmas lights? People might slow down to look at them and then they'll be banned.

Please take a moment to e mail or phone the mayor, lets flood him with comments and get this killed so he can build it. I appreciate you taking the time.


Rod in Anchorage, Alsaka

thanks for the contact info. I will call tomorrow. Death to Frosty -- how devastating.  

We used to do stuff like that growing up in montana.  Our biggest snowman was only about 10 feet tall. Your SnowZilla is a masterpiece.


Seems to me Snowzilla needs to go national. He's an absolutely brilliant spokesman for kids playing outdoors again.

Giving his, and probably a few other kids, something to do, but it seems, like other excursions created at this time of year, One Hell Of A Great Family Outing!!

It doesn't say anything about going ballistic with lighting schemes, and if the family doesn't, this is Also A Great Family Trip Not Wasting Energy!!

I'm hooked on Mudflats, she's a great blogger and writer, so have gotten involved in a number of issues we down here can help you all out with, this is one!

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

I called the Mayor's office this morning as was assured that they are meeting with the Code Enforcement people and will do their best to save the snowman.

Merry Christmas! 

ensure that it gets more attention.

I tweaked the formatting codes a little -- hope nobody minds.  :)

there it was Snowzilla.....and all seems to be well. Good job!

with rebirth pictures from this year's arrested project. Anchorage Daily News is not Snowzilla that is the real public nuisance in Anchorage.