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I found the first clip on Adam B's Review of Frost/Nison. There are 10 in all.

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After watching the first clip the series the menu for the rest pops up.


the Huffington Post runs a commentary by Geoffrey Dunn, Richardson's Lies Have Finally Caught Up to Him, that is an eye-opener if true.. The lies sound fairly petty,, but he also includes a more serious charge:

Richardson also played a central role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, during which time he offered Lewinsky a job at the U.N. in order to get her out of the White House. Evidence suggests that he knew far more about her relationship with Clinton than he let on at the time.

Just this past year, Mother Jones reported on Richardson's unsavory ties to big oil and his peripheral participation in the Peregrine Systems scandal, in which the San Diego company, on whose outside board Richardson served (his wife was also the sister in-law of Pergegrine's CEO), was "engaged in various acts of financial impropriety, including masking the severity of Peregrine's losses with phony accounting."

The article provides a context for that he was involved in  pay-to-play politics, offering a lucrative contract to a large campaign contributor.


Molten Lead in Gaza

JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT, Aljazeera’s Arabic channel was reporting on events in Gaza. Suddenly the camera was pointing upwards towards the dark sky. The screen was pitch black. Nothing could be seen, but there was a sound to be heard: the noise of airplanes, a frightening, a terrifying droning.

It was impossible not to think about the tens of thousands of Gazan children who were hearing that sound at that moment, cringing with fright, paralyzed by fear, waiting for the bombs to fall.

As a matter of fact, the cease-fire did not collapse, because there was no real cease-fire to start with. The main requirement for any cease-fire in the Gaza Strip must be the opening of the border crossings. There can be no life in Gaza without a steady flow of supplies. But the crossings were not opened, except for a few hours now and again. The blockade on land, on sea and in the air against a million and a half human beings is an act of war, as much as any dropping of bombs or launching of rockets. It paralyzes life in the Gaza Strip: eliminating most sources of employment, pushing hundreds of thousands to the brink of starvation, stopping most hospitals from functioning, disrupting the supply of electricity and water.

Those who decided to close the crossings – under whatever pretext – knew that there is no real cease-fire under these conditions.

That is the main thing. Then there came the small provocations which were designed to get Hamas to react. After several months, in which hardly any Qassam rockets were launched, an army unit was sent into the Strip “in order to destroy a tunnel that came close to the border fence”. From a purely military point of view, it would have made more sense to lay an ambush on our side of the fence. But the aim was to find a pretext for the termination of the cease-fire, in a way that made it plausible to put the blame on the Palestinians. And indeed, after several such small actions, in which Hamas fighters were killed, Hamas retaliated with a massive launch of rockets, and – lo and behold – the cease-fire was at an end. Everybody blamed Hamas.

Uri Avnery's Column of Gush Shalom

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

That's a surprising choice. I was going to say "choice from left field" ...

Here's a link to the NY Times story.


The ongoing loss of civilian lives in Iraq is alarming and incomprehensible. Most Americans do not know how extensive the loss really has been - and continues to be. The Iraq Memorial to Life will present a striking visual image to Americans; it will illustrate the magnitude of the senseless loss of life in Iraq since March 2003.

People from all over this country, and other countries, will personally make over 100,000 markers that will be assembled to create the Memorial to be installed in Washington D.C. early in 2009.

Construction of the Memorial is planned for the lawn near the Washington Monument on the National Mall, with commemorative days scheduled for April following the sixth anniversary of the invasion.

Your help is needed... Consider making the markers for one of the incidents.

Using the menu below, you may:

* Select an incident for which you will make a memorial marker(s).

* Print out the marker template used to make a marker for each person.

* Look at the plans for the Iraq Memorial to Life.

* Sign onto to help build the memorial in Washington DC.

* View related links & learn about other ways you can help the project be successful.

* Please donate at least a small amount & help to make this happen.

How You Can Help Create the Iraq Memorial to Life

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

Army Sgt. Stephanie Greer was serving with a vehicle-maintenance unit in the volatile Iraqi city of Ramadi, part of President Bush’s “surge” strategy to stabilize the country, when she learned of a far-off and most unexpected battle: Her estranged husband was going to fight her for custody of their daughter.

If she expected support in that position from the military, she was disappointed. Instead, the message she said she received from her superiors was: Deal with it.

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."