My Reaction to the Race and New Media Conference

On May 3, 2008, I was one of the many students and teachers to attend the first Race and New Media conference. The conference was located on the campus of New York City College of Technology in downtown Brooklyn. There the students were given a great chance to voice their opinions, reactions, and ask questions to the professor’s arguments.

My reaction to the conference was that it went quite well. I was capable of meeting several different professors that were from different Universities. When I got there, I was just in time for the coffee break, so I got to talk to some of the other students that were there. By the time I was finished with my cup of coffee which was great by the way, Omar Wasow was up on the panel and ready to begin.

Omar Wasow is the co-founder and advisor to, which was lunched around 1993. This new source of media called the internet uses this website to help the black communities get more involved with each other and in technology. He discussed about Technology vs. African Americans, and how blacks are suffering from technology illiteracy. The idea of creating a charter school for those who are less fortunate and for students that work at a much slower pace then others usually do. He also spoke about how Whites in cyber space threatens the future of the U.S economy.

After his panel, there were some music and dancing provided by a Christian church. All of the singers and dancers were Spanish girls. They talked about how they used the lyrics in their music to voice their views. Their songs were about how young girls need to stay focus and not worry about boys, telling lies and the inappropriate use of the internet. That most of the music videos that are on television these days are exploiting women and brainwashing them into thinking that beauty is everything, which is not true. I found that interesting because many young girls don’t realize that music videos as those that exploit women are degrading them, which is causing men to loose respect for some women.

The next panel was the Constructions of Obama, featuring speakers from Harvard, Wellesley, and Columbia. In this panel there were questions concerning about racism against black. They spoke about two particular races which were White and Black. Due to the Obama and Hillary campaign many questions began to stir up about what is more important race or gender. They mostly talked about how well Obama is doing in the primaries considering that he is half Black. One of the professors brought out some statistics of how many people are viewing Obama then Hillary on YouTube.

In the end, it was good experience and worth attending. I got to meet some intelligent professors and the students. Also, I learned that there are still some people who are actually interested in the real and important issues of today’s world. Then instead of the ridiculous stories of celebrates and their lives such as Brittney Spears getting a new hair do. Taking this and creating it into the top of the day’s news, which way more important then the down fall of our economy.

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thanks for sharing your impression of the conference with all of those that didn't get to attend. [good coffee is just one excellent reason to attend!]

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No problem....I had a great time.

Very down to earth ... gave me a glimpse of what it might have been like to be there.