New Reconciliation Commission formed in ROK

A friend told me about the formation of this Commission. The statement by Ahn, Byung-ook, lays out its broader purposes which include crimes against humanity of their own, the U.S. and the Japanese governments and military:

As President of the Commission, I am very pleased with your visit to our home on the Internet. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established on the 1st of December 2005 under the Framework Act on Clearing up Past Incidents for Truth and Reconciliation. To reveal the truth of our history, we investigate past incidents, such as anti-Japanese movements during Japanese rule, the history of Koreans residing abroad before and after the Korean War, and mass civilian sacrifices that occurred from August 15, 1945 to the authoritarian regimes. From this day forward, we have enough understanding of our history and destiny that we will put forth every effort in our search for the truth concerning our affairs. We look forward to your continual interest and support in our activities.

Specifics about claimed U.S. atrocities against the Korean population are addressed on the site. Here is one release:

US Killed Hundreds of Civilians during Korean War’

Writer TRC Date 2008/08/05 (View : 5)

‘US Killed Hundreds of Civilians during Korean War’

Monday, August 4, 2008 18:53:52

The New York Times has reported on the findings of South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and revealed that during the Korean War, U.S. forces killed at least 228 civilians on three separate occasions in 1950 and 1951.

In the report, titled “Korean War’s Lost Chapter,” the daily noted that on September tenth, 1950, five days before the Incheon landing, 43 American warplanes dropped 93 napalm canisters and burned out the eastern slope of Wolmi Island, killing dozens of civilians.

The report noted such allegations or criticism against wartime atrocities of Korean and U.S. militaries were tabooed under past authoritarian governments in Korea. However, after an investigation found that American soldiers killed unarmed South Korean civilians in Nogeunri village in 1950, the fact-finding commission was launched in 2005.

The government commission recently ruled that the attack violated international conventions on war and asked the country’s leaders to seek compensation from the United States.

Not only was American bombing of Hiroshimna and Nagasaki the only use of nuclear weapons to date,but large scale bombing of civilian populations, including the fire-bombing of Dresden and most Japanese cities by American forces were commparable in their impact. Now we learn that the U.S. Government not only authorized napalm bombing made infamous in Vietnam but the practise began in Korea, at the very beginning of the cold war.

Setting the record straight in the United States as well as the Republic of Korea is important. Weapons of mass destruction and the torture of prisoners of war are a violation of accepted international law.

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