A New Way Forward. Join April 11th Protests Against the Banks In A City Near You

A New Way Forward, a grass roots type organizing committee identified in the attached is calling on people to join protest actions and demonstrations against the Bank Takeover. Events are being organized for April 11th around the Country.

Link to the "A New Way Forward" site. It is full of information, and helpful stuff.

The Group is circulating a petition in the form of a "Pledge To Break Up The Banks". It is included with the attached link. Please sign if you feel this is something you can support. When you take the Pledgeyou wllbe redirected to the rest of the site where you will find information on who put this together and how, and contributions on how to get out of the present mess from peoplelike Krugman, Johnson and others. Read On.

The list of people involved includes:


Honorary Co-Chairman

-Mike Lux, Obama Transition Team and President of Progressive Strategies

Sponsors and Elder Counselors

-David Sirota, Syndicated Columnist, Author
-Joe Trippi, Change Congress, co-founder
-Zephyr Teachout, Visiting Assistant Professor of Duke University, Dean Campaign
-Joe Costello, Energy, Communications, and Political Economy
-William Greider, "Come Home, America", National Correspondent, The Nation

-Yves Smith, Economist, Naked Capitalism


-Jerome Armstrong, MyDD, founder: "The corporate bailouts have become a complete political disaster."
-Rural Votes
-New Paltz Women in Black
-Economic Justice Committee of New Paltz and Vicinity for Obama
-David Dayen, D-Day, founder and Hullabaloo*, blogger
-David Swanson, After Downing Street
-Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
-Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law & Democracy
-Progressive Democrats of America
-Grassroots Change
-Public Accountability Initiative
-Liberty Tree
-The Voters
-Wake County Young Democrats
-New Haven Peace Council
-Consumers for Peace
-Billionaires for Bush
-San Francisco Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign
-Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
-Common Security Club
-David Donnelly, Public Campaign Action Fund*: "New Way Forward is visionary, simple, and important."

Please Spread The Word and Take the Pledge




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Seems like a serious bunch of people.


who's who of the 'tear down this administration' crowd.  Well, I guess it'll keep 'em out in the street, and out of the way of the people who are actually trying to turn this crashing juggernaut.

But IMO it is wrong to be blind-sided by "hope" and be part of a "cheering squad" for poor policies. It is interesting to look at serious studies of the New Deal and the many contending (and sometimes critical) forces among the Roosevelt team. I think that Obama will depend upon a strong progressive force against Wall Street to make the necessary moves to block their power and resource grab.

BTW I hope you are right that things are OK but sadly my reason tells me  that you are wrong.


The group above *is* the 'cheering squad'.  I would feel much better about the process if those who criticize so loudly had bothered to raise the same issues at any point in the ten years post-Graham/Leach under the auspicious leadership of Greenspan and W's boys.  They did not.  For at least the past eight years they busied themselves with criticism of the Bush administration, and having gained notoriety and some degree of fame, have, without so much as a break in stride, simply shifted their focus to the Obama administration.  Simply put, the right has Coulter, the left has Sirota.  Same, same only different.

Please try - *try* - to remember this administration has been in office for a grand total of 77 days, and within that short amount of time has rewritten and/or repealed rules and regulations at a pace unseen for at least a decade.  While some of the necessary changes are possible through Executive action, others require agency rulemaking (generally 90 days), and/or *new law*, which of course involves our Congress - those lovely 'fast and furious' lawmakers.

All of that stated, no, I do *not* believe things are 'OK'.  I suffer no illusions about the political machinery that grinds in this Country, nor am I necessarily 'hopeful' that we will return to a state of 'absence of panic' anytime soon.  But neither am I inclined to participate in attacks on policy when it is patently obvious the opposition simply can't be bothered with truly getting involved in the process (see above: 'rulemaking', and 'law').