Obama, Biden Talk Politics - 60min- Video

Last night Barack and Joe spoke, and even though a short interview they covered alot of ground.

In their first interview together as running mates, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joseph Biden discuss their roles and strategies for the upcoming presidential election. Steve Kroft reports.

Obama Explains His Choice, Reacts To Palin
Tells 60 Minutes Biden "Can Step In And Become President," Calls McCain's VP Pick An "Up-And-Coming Public Servant"

Labor Day weekend has always been considered the unofficial beginning of a presidential campaign, and while this one has been going on for a year and a half, both parties finalized their tickets this past week.

With the kids going back to school and parents back to work, the nation is focused on what many people think is one of the most important U.S. elections ever.

Now after the interview finish Steve Kroft said that they have offered the same opportunity to Senator McCain and Governor Palin to appear.

Well this interview came on the Sunday after the Democratic Convention. Senator McCain and Governor Palin should also feel that this coming Sunday would be a perfect time to also appear, especially with the shortened Republican Convention.

If they don't we should be requesting that they do, if Governor Palin is the pick Senator McCain says she is let the American People decide and let her answer a few National Questions!

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Two adults... sounding reasonable.