Obama has just invited you to rage on health care reform

But were you too busy raging too notice the game?

Did Dems pull the health care football, like chicago dyke says, à la Lucy et Chucky Brown? Or did Obama just leave all you Obamabots and Obamaholics your marching orders?

1. Clyburn says the ultimate stupid. A stupid so surreal that not only does it go against what Obama promised, put Daschle in place for, but it also goes goes against H.R. 676 that Clyburn has signed onto in support of.

2. Backlash is unreal. (I am waiting Obamamaniacs... Where is you efin' rage?)

3. Obama and Pelosi (Maybe even the doltish Reid?) statement: We must have single payer NOW! NOW! NOW!

Or, at the very least, they say that we must have health care reform NOW!

The Obama Head Fake

I saw a few people write about it and never really saw any there there.

Bob Morris at Polizeros had this to say in one of his threads, the other day, concerning Obama's reaction to Oxy-Rush:

"There’s a story about FDR like that. Some people went to the White house to lobby for an issue. He said, ok, you’ve convinced me, now go out and bring pressure upon me.

Chess. Yeah. During the presidential campaign I noticed liberal blogs would get upset at Obama because something negative was happening and he seemed to be ignoring it. Then, a week later, you realized he dealt with it just fine without you really noticing what happened."

IOW: Obama, via Clyburn, has given us a reason to genuinely rage now. Backlash, Please. More backlash! Create a movement Obama-lovers...

And that is what it is. The Single Payer Health Care Anti-Massacree Movement, and all you got to do to join is sing it the next time it come's around on the guitar.

I could be wrong but...

You won't get anything you want if you sit there staring at this font...

Is this supposed to be what we are supposed to do? Pick up the phones and rage against the Congressional machine? You might think Obama is ignoring it... But how will it end?

Oh yeah... "I won"


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