Obama Press Conference on Economic Stimulus.



This is an 11 minute video of Obama's press conference yesterday, following his meeting with his economic advisors.

I found it interesting on several counts: He promises to unroll the plan in detail on a new website so that we can all see what projects are involved and where the money is going, and he is confident that that legislation will be on his desk no later than the first week in February. Is he trimming? I don't think so. He said that the action by the Treasury and Fed to address the economic crisis had not done the trick which is why the stimulus package he is proposing is so important.

When asked about whether he will be distracted by the situation in Gaza, he said that the president should be able to deal with more than one situation at a time. He also reiterated that he would not comment on the situation because there had to be one voice representing the U.S. I interpret this (hopefully) as saying that he does not agree with Bush. I'm interested to see what you guys think. 

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I am hopeful each time I hear PE Obama speak that he will, in fact, keep the American people informed of his actions and decisions - something that hasn't happened in eight years.  I hope this means there is no hidden agenda in the Obama administration and that he speaks the truth.  Only time will tell.

He seems to be an extraordinary person on the surface: knowledgeable, eloquent, determined.  I haven't studied his past in Chicago; I'm only going by what I've seen and heard in the past five years.  Let's see what happens when he assumes the mantle of the presidency and has to work with Congress.  His plans may not take shape the way he sees them.

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