Obama Regarding Ted Kennedy: "I Stand on his Shoulders"

There has been an outpouring of support for Senator Ted Kennedy as the sad news was delivered today, of Kennedy's malignant brain tumor.

Senator Ted Kennedy recently endorsed Barack Obama. "I know what America can achieve, I've seen it. I've lived it. And with Barack Obama, we can do it again," Kennedy said.

Senator Kennedy has "lived it." Considered the most effective Senator, he has led the way in the fight for social justice and is responsible for the passage of some of the most critical legislation of our time.

Obama stated today on the Situation Room, "I stand on his shoulders."

Well, keep in mind that – I think you can argue that I would not be sitting here as a presidential candidate had it not been for some of the battles that Ted Kennedy has fought. So not only is he a personal friend, not only has been one of my most important supporters during the course of this campaign. But he is somebody who battled for voting rights and civil rights when I was a child. I stand on his shoulders...

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Obama Expresses his Support for Ted Kennedy

Senator Byrd, voice cracking and welling up with tears, was visibly "shaken and distraught" as he spoke to the Senate today regarding Senator Kennedy. Byrd is the longest serving Senator with Senator Kennedy being the second longest serving.

VIDEO: Senator Byrd's Remarks on Ted Kennedy

John Kerry reminded us of what a fighter Senator Kennedy is calling him a "living legend."

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, said he had talked to Kennedy's wife and the senator was in good spirits.

"The Senate really is a family," Reid said. "We, as a family, are tremendously concerned about Senator Kennedy."

Senator John F. Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts, said the Kennedys have faced serious adversity more times than most families.

"Every one of us knows what a big heart this fellow has," Kerry said, calling his colleague a "living legend." "This guy is one unbelievable fighter ... He's in a fighting mood."

People interviewed this afternoon in Boston's Back Bay area expressed shock and sympathy.

"Someone who has given 40 years of service -- that's pretty remarkable. My prayers are with him and his family," said Price Blair, 28, of Boston, a postdoctoral researcher. "It's hard to imagine Capitol Hill without him."

"He's been a part of the country's fabric for decades," said Eric Lass, 40, a financial analyst from Newton. "He's the final brother."

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Senator Kennedy's 46 year career is exemplary, as a champion of raising the minimum wage, promoting immigration rights, voting rights and civil rights in general, to name just a few. He is a true fighter.

We are now fighting for you, Senator Kennedy.

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