Ohio Cyber Security Expert Says 2004 KingPin Attack Benefited Bush - Discussion

Ohio News Bureau's John Michael Spinnelli reports on yesterday's filing of a motion to expedite the testimony of Mike Connell before Ohio's vote next week.

IT Security expert Stephen Spoonamore filed a declaration Wednesday asserting that a Man in the Middle strategy known as the kingpin attack was built into Ohio's election night reporting network by Smartech Corp., the RNC service provider, to compromise balloting results that reelected George W. Bush in 2004.  Ohio's then-SOS Ken Blackwell contracted the Bush-loyal RNC IT strategist, Mike Connell, to create the Internet system for reporting those results in realtime and the motion filed by Attorney Cliff Arnebeck aims to expedite hearing Connell's deposition concerning what he might know of matters that would effect the vote next week.

With Connell on John McCain's campaign team, his knowledge of past election irregularities maybe crucial to ensuring the integrity of this most important Presidential race.

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