One Way to Fight Vote Fraud

We know that the McCain campaign will try to steal the election by once again unleashing their vote fraud apparatus. Clearly  unmasking this operation as it unfolds is a crucial element in defeating them. But the other thing to bear in mind is that it becomes more and more difficult for them to steal an election when there is a grass roots operation of poll watchers, and everyone gets out to vote. The Obama campaign has every reason to expect a Democratic party landslide across the board, but it is crucial that it be backed up  by a massive get-out-the-vote operation if that vote is going to be counted honestly.

I don't think it is a rhetorical flourish when Obama in all his recent speeches urgers his supporers not to be complacent about an election day victory. This is a clip from his speech in Ohio yesterday.


And the second comes with a request that supporters take Election Day off from work and join in the get-out-the-vote effort.

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For an in-depth analysis of Obama's Ohio speech , check out John Spinelli's coverage in the Journal.


Even without voter fraud being a significant factor, I agree with your comment: "I don't think it is a rhetorical flourish when Obama in all his recent speeches urges his supporters not to be complacent about an election day victory." It directly links to John McCain's apparently outrageous belief that there remains a possibility for his ticket to win, however remote that possibility may seem as at today's date. 


Certainly, I do not sense that, with the measured approach that Obama takes on these issues, he is no more than just optimistic and would discount the suggestion that "The Obama campaign has every reason to expect a Democratic party landslide across the board". The GOTV that you properly call for is a desperate need not just to monitor the polls but also to try and win what is in reality a very tight race, despite those whose judgements are emasculated by myopic daily reading of tiny shifts in the huge and overwhelming amounts of polling data presented on distorting graphs, using a scale that exaggerates the significance of the separation between the candidates. The truth is that both candidates are operating within a very narrow margin around the 46/47% level.

Hey, Good to hear from you again. Hope your health is OK and you've just been busy. We've missed your commentaries and more so your presence.

I am going to be poll watching inside from 6 am to2 am Tuesday. Could you please help me by your analysis, commentary and yes humor. I know you'll be glued to your TV till the final moment.


I think today's AP about more Dems in early voting than expected.


I've been staying up until 5.00 a.m. watching the World Series and then deciding that it wasn't worth going to bed. Finally, I decided that I was quite prepared to record last night's part game and get some sleep instead. Tonight, I should do the same as it still hasn't been played but, I know that I will be up watching the Obama Half Hour just before it - so I bet I continue to watch the ball game as well.

At least the builders like the fact that I am still up to make their first cup of tea each morning when they arrive.

Yeah, Big O seems to have lost a bit today. So that means he may gain a little tomorrow. Or lose a bit tomorrow. Or still be at the same place. Who knows. The only thing McCain has got right is that we are all going to have a long night on the 4th.

I think that there will be a landslide but I am really nervous nonetheless. Unimaginable if McCain and Obama win.


would that be "McCain and Palin"?