Open Letter to President Obama

Editor's note: Each time you see [...] you may insert your special name for the being occupying 1600 Pennsylavnia Ave.

Thank you for being the better man.  You attended the [...] inauguration, where I could not have.

I stand with  Congressman Lewis in boycotting the event to dim the spotlight.  I know that there are many who will yell and shout from every direction, it's to be expected.  We are now, truly, a nation divided. But you have chosen the high road.  While I could never really know your thoughts, I am comforted by the thought that you do this, not because you believe that [...] is best for our struggling nation, but that to do so is what is best for our nation.  That by taking on the impossible seeming feat of preparing [...] for the office that he is grossly unprepared for, you are doing the best you can for all of us as a nation.

Thank you for being a better human being than I can be right now.  To be fair, I have been dissillusioned by our, so called, democratic system since the Gore/Bush election, and have railed against our electoral college system every since I realized that just because a candidate wins popular vote, doesn't mean that candidate won the race.  I mean really?  How exactly does my vote count??  I abstained from voting until the 2000 election where I supported a No CARB policy (No Cheney, no Ashcroft, no Rumsfeld, no BUSH) where I was, once again, disillusioned.

To say the least I am among the battered, beaten and beleaguered.  I guess the "man" has truly won if I believe that I am insignificant, that there is nothing I can do to change the tide. I can't be the only one. Surely there are more like me.  I suppose the secret is to unite.  Not in support of [...], but in support of us all.  Surely there has to be a way?

Thank you again Mr. Obama for leading our nation with optimism, dignity and grace. Thank you, and your family, for providing us all with a positive example. Than you again for being the better man. Hopefully we, as a nation, can learn from you. Hopefully we can come together for what is best for us all.

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