Open Thread - Blackwater Revives Mission

Looks like Blackwater just can't take no for an answer... Now Blackwater wants to train Navy personnel for crisis situations at sea. Wonder how much bucks this is gonna cost us taxpayers???

Security contractor plans training center

April 23, 2008

Although Blackwater Worldwide has given up its plans to build a training center in East County, the government contractor is still seeking a presence in San Diego County.

The North Carolina company is planning to open an indoor training center in Otay Mesa to train Navy personnel after abandoning its controversial proposal to build a larger facility on a ranch in Potrero.

If you click on this link you can see an enlarged graphic of the location...note how close it is to Mexico..spitting distance! graphic

Now from this read, it appears to be a low key presence by opposed to the bang bang shoot em up presence previously planned.

Something is a little odd in this article when it comes to the Navy contract mentioned.......something sounds phony!

Kelly Broughton, director of the city of San Diego's Development Services Department, said a permit for the Otay Mesa site was requested in February by Raven Development Group. Bonfiglio said the company is responsible for developing Blackwater's training centers and ranges across the country.

The permit was granted March 19. Broughton said the building was already permitted for use as a vocational trade school, and Blackwater's training center would be allowed under that category.
- snip -
Bonfiglio said Blackwater has had a contract to train Navy personnel since 2002 through a subcontractor, American Shooting Center in Kearny Mesa. The training will be transferred to the Otay Mesa site once Navy inspectors give their approval to the new facility, he said.

Bonfiglio said Blackwater hasn't determined whether American Shooting Center would assist with training in Otay Mesa.

(my emphasis added)

Maybe someone needs to go back and read the contract...becuause it sure looks like one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing. Get a grip!

Marc Halcon, owner of American Shooting Center, said he wasn't aware of Blackwater's plans.

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The Raven Development Group applied for the permit...not Blackwater...pretty sneaky! That explains why the contractor American Shooting Center was not aware. Does that sound righteous?