Open Thread: Brezhinsky Speaks Out; Bagojevich Makes His Move

In an interview this morning, Zbigniew Brzezinski condemned the Israeli assault on Gaza. While admitting that missiles fired at Israel over the past months were a provocation by Hamas, he said that there had been no Israeli's killed and that the Israeli response has been disproportionate with more than 400 Palestinians killed so far. While laying blame on the Israeli government, he strongly condemned the Bush Administration for failing to seriously engage in the peace process but instead giving Israel unqualified support.



 Illinois Gov. Rod Balogjevich has named 71 Year old Roland Burris to fill Obama's Senate seat. There are allegations that Burns has raised money for Blagojevich even though he ran against him in the governor's race (with support from Obama). 


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Well well well.......90 political appointees received the word to hit the road.


Despite keeping Defense Secretary Robert Gates in the Pentagon, President-elect Obama’s transition team informed 90 Bush appointees their services will not be needed after Inauguration Day.

Scott Gration, a senior official on Obama’s transition team, called and emailed several of President Bush’s Pentagon appointees about 10 days ago to inform them they were being dismissed.........

This is a juicy did my pea pickin heart a ton of good!

That is good news!

You might want to look for the DVD ""Heartbeat Detector." If you watch it you'll understand why.

Happy New Year for us all, I hope.


Will put that on my list for the new year! And I too hope it's a good one!