Open Thread: Preliminary Results ...

from our not-so-scientific polling on ...

Democrats -- Who do you think will win in the Iowa Primary?

Hillary Clinton 5%
Chris Dodd 5%
John Edwards 45%
Barack Obama 23%
Bill Richardson 0%
Dennis Kuchinich 9%
Joe Biden 0%
Haven't got a clue ... 14%

From this sampling it would appear the front runners are: Edwards, Obama and Haven't got a clue. Will Edwards walk away with an early win in Iowa?

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I sure hope our pundits who say Edwards are right.


of questions.... I think back to Edwards efforts in Iowa back when...he was running for President the first time around. We need this kind of dialog.....let em stumble, pitch, yawn... We've got a long while to go. Keep em coming Roxy!

I thought we would get more discussion on this ... hmmm...

I would like to see Edwards win in Iowa. I am just not very excited about the election this time. Can't afford another 6 month depression like I went through in '04. :)

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