Oregon Old Growth and W's Last Minute Timber Deal

Losing ancient forests

     The WOPR [Western Oregon Plan Revision] has three primary alternatives, including the Bush Administration's 'preferred' alternative: Alternative 2.

Under this plan, the BLM would clearcut 139,700 acres (over 200 square miles) of mature and old growth forest while building 1,000 miles of logging roads per decade, converting pristine ancient forests into monoculture tree farms.

Clearcutting would become the preferred logging method, and 24% of all logging would target trees 200 years and older.

The WOPR effectively pulls the BLM forests out from the scientific framework of the Northwest Forest Plan. The Northwest Forest Plan was enacted in 1994 and set aside old growth forests and sensitive areas along streams and rivers to protect them - while allowing some continued logging.


After Dec 9th, it's a "done deal" --
Unless you make your Voices heard,
and just say NO, to these give-aways to the Timber Lobby ...

The Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club has just raised the alert,
especially to Oregonians, TIME IS NOW, to Speak Out, if you care about our Natural Resources.

Because like Clinton's last-minute plan to PROTECT millions of roadless timber acres, this last-minute Bush plan, would UNDO all that, and put-in those Timber Roads, to pave the way to those Million-Dollar Trees!

Practically speaking Clinton's roadless policy has been very hard to "reverse" for the last 8 years --
So will it be, also hard to "reverse", IF George W. Bush gets his way, to open for harvest, the last few remaining Old Growth Forest stands in Oregon.

These few remaining pinnacle Eco-systems have some how managed to escape the Axe, until now:


For how much longer, it's hard to say ... Timber Roads are always the key to this modern-day "gold rush".

"There's money in them thar Trees"

What is Old Growth Forest?

     Old growth forests (sometimes called "ancient" forests) have not been logged for at least 200 years. They contain a variety of different tree species of varying ages, including some very large trees that are hundreds, or even thousands of years old.


Our Forests are a vitally important "Carbon Sink" too. They capture and store CO2, and help to slow down and reverse the trend toward Global Warming. Instead of "mining" these ancient "Carbon Reservoirs" for the sake of quick profits, we should be planting more, and managing these Forests, to maintain this astounding Natural Heritage, for future generations!

Afterall, the USA does MORE than its fair share of creating the problem:


We SHOULD BE managing our Forests, within the bounds of Science, and NOT according to the ambitions of well-paid Lobbyists.

Most Forest professionals respect Science, and long-term planning for multiple use:

Protecting Old Growth


Too bad the out-going Administration does NOT have the same respect for Science or Scientists, or even for Nature itself!

Too bad the out-going Administration, still has ENOUGH TIME to wreak havoc on the pristine Environment of the Northwest, before they finally, pull up stakes, and get out of town!

The Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, is calling for Action,
especially to Oregonians, TIME to Speak Out, IS NOW:

     Urgent Action Alerts!

BLM Releases Final Plan for 2.6 million acres of western Oregon Forests!
Contact [Oregon] Governor Kulongoski TODAY!

Protections for Oregon's old growth forests are being stripped away by the Bush administration during its last 18 months in office. On 2.6 million acres managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in western Oregon, currently protected old growth forests and salmon bearing streams and creeks are targeted for new clearcutting and logging roads. Its time to raise your voice for Oregon's last ancient forests.


     Across western Oregon, during the first decade, the Bush Administration's plan will:

1. Remove BLM forests from the scientific framework of the Northwest Forest Plan.
2. Ramp up clearcut logging across hundreds of thousands of acres and get over 70% of the timber volume from clearcuts.
3. Reduce streamside buffers that protect clean water and fish by 50%.
4. Log some of the last remaining older forests in western Oregon.
5. Increase logging by nearly 400% compared to current logging levels.
6. Add 180 million tons more carbon to the atmosphere compared to no logging. (equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 1 million cars driven for 132 years).
7. Result in 1,300 miles of new logging roads.


Oregon Governor Kulongoski can say NO to the BLM's WOPR Plan

Click Here his Contact Page

Or Call the Governor Kulongoski at 503-378-4582

Click Here for a sample letter plus other contacts.

Individuals CAN make a Difference!

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has ...

—Margaret Mead


In case you've never experienced the awe-inspiring wonder of an Old Growth Forest first-hand, this video may give you some small glimpse of it:

A Summary Of Our Old Growth Redwoods (CA)


These Ancient Forests would be worth saving, even if they did nothing to help stop Global Warming! (Inspiration is a very nice side-benefit, for stepping up and being Eco-aware, however.)

Afterall, it is much, much harder to put those ancient Giants back, once they are gone:

Forests of Eden: woodchips or carbons sinks?


However that doesn't stop some creative types, from dreaming up ways to "reverse" all the short-sighted damage, the profiteers have caused:

Bamboo Beach - reverse global warming with a big carbon sink


Yet perhaps it's better to prevent the damage, in the first place?

Preventing those new Timber Roads, from going into the Roadless areas in the first place, IS a great place to start, the long-overdue recovery!

The Planet will thank you.

Your Grandkids will thank you.

The Time is NOW.

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 from these great beauties have more intelligence than W.  How I wish his parents had practiced better birth control.  

How much does any one person really need? We're just consuming the planet like locusts. And for what real purpose?


we focus too much on short-term gain,

at the expense of long-term stability.

That's the Capitalistic way!

I cannot believe what I am reading. We are doing to our forests to what is happening to the Amazon. I wish someone with means would just step up and sponsor this forest...wouldn't that just embarrass the fire out of the BLM.

But alas, paybacks are hell. I can only hope the recent rush for new rules by Bushco can be turned back and recinded once Obama is in office.

Please everyone write...let them hear your voice. Time is awasting!

If I had a rape whistle, I'd be blowing that in the governor's ear!!!