Overseas American Voters: Military, Civilian, and Kids Old Enough

New online tool to aid with overseas voting is launched

An online tool was launched this week that proponents say will make it easier for overseas Americans to vote if they have requested but not received their absentee ballot.

Users who log on to Overseas Vote Foundation can click on the FWAB link and be prompted for information according to the ZIP code where they are registered to vote.

The system presents the federal candidate lists for a voter’s district. Voters can mark their ballot on the computer or print it out and mark it by hand. Users are then provided the address of their home county election official where they mail their write-in ballot.

OVF and Defense Department officials recommend that overseas voters who don’t receive their ballot by Sept. 30 use the FWAB.

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Waiting for a ballot?

Did you register to vote and request an absentee ballot for this election? Are you still waiting for it to arrive? If so, you can use the federal write-in absentee ballot, which will let you vote in your district’s federal races. Voting officials recommend using the FWAB option if you don’t receive your ballot by Sept. 30.

To use a new automated system that will help you fill out a write-in ballot for your home county, log on to Overseas Vote Foundation.

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