Please Sir, Khan I Have Another?

William Lagewiesche/theAtlantic: The Point of No Return (Jan/Feb 2006):

"There's only one country that's exporting centrifuge technology."
"Do you mean Pakistan?"
Hibbs said, "You realize, if I trust you on this and flesh this out and write it, there's going to be a shit storm, and basically it's going to be denied everywhere."
. . . in January of 2003 his editor put it on page one of Nuclear Fuel, under the drab Platts-style headline "Pakistan Believed Design Data Source For Centrifuges To Be Built By Iran."

Best backgrounder available on A.Q. Khan, URENCO, Germany, Holland, the US, and of course those countries whose initials begin with "Ir-". Ack, ran.

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knuckleheads, bozos....we elect, pay them, house them, and ask them to run our country. No wonder everything is a secret.