Politics and Discussion. Thinking About the Other.

I would like to share two articles which I came across this morning. One of them, published in the latest edition of the Nation by Roane Corey is about the efforts of a group of Israelis and Palestinians who have come together to try and find ways to overcome the bloody abyss which separates the two peoples and cultures. The article is called Cultivating Peace in Palestine, and can be found here at Commondreams.org.

The other comes from the Israeli paper Ha'aretz. It is the story of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish and is entitled "Gaza doctor whose family were killed by IDF fundraises for Israeli hospital." This story can be found here.

I hope you will have the time to be able to read these two stories. I don't think there is much more to be said about either of them, except for this. If people can resolve to come together in peace and hope in these cases can there not also be a chance for the stiff-necked and proud who insist their side of some pathetic little tale is the right one and will go one being red till they are blue in the face or blue till they are red all over.

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