Project Save Justice - Human Hunting Rove Style

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Over the last three years, ePluribus Media researchers and writers have delivered reports on the corruption and partisan shenanigans at the Justice Department.  

We brought you indepth coverage of the US Attorney Purge as it was happening.

In February of 2007 Dr. Donald Shields brought his findings on the politization of the Justice Department and ePluribus Media published the first of two reports and an interview with Dr. Shields.

The body of Dr. Shields work was around "leaked reports" of investigations:

The focus of the study was the reporting (and thus the leaking) of federal investigations from supposedly secret grand jury subpoenas, federal agent inquiries, and grand jury testimony. Those press reports are not ephemeral at all. That's why we give the approximate date of each story (or indictment, if any) -- so that readers can go search it out for themselves and confirm the investigation.

The study of the leaked reporting did not look at the people behind these reports ... the lives that were thrown into disarray, the careers that were damaged or ruined.

Now, this series of videos has come on our radar, and it is highlighting the same body of work that has already been published, only in a powerful "first-person" interview style. In the first segment of the series, you will see one of the interviewees ... Kathryn Shields, who is the sister of Dr. Shields, tell her story, along with many others. Here are links to parts two and three. that complete the set.

This is only the beginning of the process of uncovering the "rot" in the Justice Department. We must be vigilent in our watching the new administration to make sure these wrongs are righted and that Justice is returned to the DOJ and it is not used as a political tool. 


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This whole Prosecutor Purge thing is really a mess, and I can't help feeling it's the tip of a much uglier iceberg pertaining to politicization.

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Hearing these folks speak about how they were attacked and fought back to the best of their ability!


JAG at Gitmo ...

this via BuzzFlash

As for Igleias, he seems very happy with the change: "It is the most significant set of orders I've had in my 24 years of Navy service," said Iglesias to KRQE-TV, Albuquerque.  

proof that everthing comes full circle.

Why can't he be there to close it down?


to bring a bit of honor to otherwise gross miscarriage of justice.  He, I think has proven himself to be a man of integirty, and I have no doubt he will continue to be.

a man of integrity, considering the hard choices he made when he could have done the easy wrongs.