Protesters Arrested Today at U.S. Supreme Court

David swanson, over at After Downing Street has this up Demanding the Closure of Guantanamo Prison Camp along with a pic of the group.

and, Washington DC January 11, 2008
By David Swanson, this link to more photos: 79 photos | 150 views

Here's a couple I'll add:

Lets see whats taking place elsewhere, like these, photos from Rome, Italy

And at 10 Downing Street Cageprisoners

A letter being handed in to Downing Street at 11am by former British
detainees led by Moazzam Begg, now a Cageprisoners spokesperson, to call on the British government to take action.

A copy of the letter to Gordon Brown is available Here

Below you will find the ones that Really should be Held in Their Own Creation but Created In Our Names!

November 2007: Artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese created the exhibit "Line Up" depicting doctored photographs of George W. Bush and members of his administration. The exhibit, being shown at the New York City Public Library, is critical of the war in Iraq. "It is simply inappropriate to have political attack art, in the form of egregious doctored photographs of the President and other high-ranking officials who have dedicated their lives to public service, in a taxpayer-funded building frequented by schoolchildren and the general public," said Matthew Walter, director of communications for the state GOP. In response, Roberta Waddell, curator of the library's print collection, said the exhibit was in keeping with a historical tradition, calling the exhibit a relevant example of political commentary.
Via Dartmouth University's page Photo Tampering Throughout History


If No Impeachment Hearings Than We Send The Message We Aprove Of ALL That's Been Done In Our Names!!
That message being sent to the Present World, but Especially To The Generations To Follow Us, In This Country!!

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by the powers that be. So what if Bushco has all Tom DeLays files on congressmens weaknesses....sheesh how bad can it be? Where is the honor...the code?

More Photo's-Slideshow

In the past 24 hours, thousands of Amnesty International supporters staged protests in more than 30 countries spanning all five major continents, calling for an end to the unlawful detention centers at Guantánamo Bay.

Take action today to help us tear down Guantánamo Bay.

If they were sent to fight, they are too few. If they were sent to die, they are too many!

Is 'Funding' Really For Troops?

What Happened To Funding and Oversite For Military/Veteran Care In Previous Congresses?

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."