The Puerto Rico Pet Massacre (warning -- heinous cruelty)

Via Yahoo! comes news of a horrendous, blatant disregard for life and of cruelty so debasing that it can only be human in origin -- no other creature on the planet could be so callous.

Pet massacres carried out in Puerto Rico
By YAISHA VARGAS and ANDREW O. SELSKY, Associated Press Writers Wed Nov 14, 6:24 PM ET

TRUJILLO ALTO, Puerto Rico - Back roads, gorges and garbage dumps on this tropical island are littered with the decaying carcasses of dogs and cats. An Associated Press investigation reveals why: possibly thousands of unwanted animals have been tossed off bridges, buried alive and otherwise inhumanely disposed of by taxpayer-financed animal control programs.


I couldn't believe I hadn't seen this noted anywhere before. Due to the graphic and upsetting nature of the information in the article, I will provide the link to the original article at the end of this piece. Be forewarned -- it isn't an easy read.

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The controversy surrounds a government contractor by the name of Animal Control Solutions, which was accused of inhumanely killing around 80 animals (dogs and cats) by throwing them off a bridge. The animals had come from three housing projects where they had been siezed from owners for violation of a "no pets" policy. The company had apparently pledged to deliver adoptable pets to shelters and humanely euthanize the rest -- it apparently did neither, with the practice of inhumane killing possibly going back for years:

The AP probe, which included visits to two sites where animals were slaughtered, found the inhumane killings were far more extensive than that one incident. The AP saw and was told about a scale and brutality far beyond even what animal welfare activists suspected, stretching over the last eight years.

Eight years.

There were survivors. Some managed to make it home to their owners, who identified them and have provided evidence to police investigating the brutal behavior. Towns never followed up with the contractor agency to ensure that the animals were humanely treated, and government agencies reacted with apathy:

Activist Alfredo Figueroa said the animal disposal companies acted with impunity because government agencies ignored allegations of cruelty, rather than investigate the companies or address the overpopulation of strays.

Strays weren't the only victims of the cruelty, of course. The company was also removing pets with collars and ID tags. Employees showed the AP investigators where two killing fields were located, and described a third.

The AP article goes on to describe some of the atrocities in detail, mentioning the poor reputation of Puerto Rico with regard to the treatment of animals.

WARNING: Here is the AP article. If the information you read in the diary above upset you, and you don't want to be more disgusted or upset, then DO NOT go read the original piece. It will be excruciating.

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