Relief from Kindom of Punt

Strange how those words fit well with the beginning of the eighth year of the 21st century. Needing relief from the kingdom of punt. In that particular place today, a wide range of lunatic demagogues collectively accumulate and spend enough cash to fund national healthcare, all the while talking about, well, funding national healthcare. Meanwhile, quite literally back at the ranch, the people most responsible for the problems those lunatics need to fix are havin' a BBQ, and nothing's getting fixed.

A nation of punters.

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...couldn't help but wonder if enough people will see through this latest Huckabee Media Manipulation by his media "guru" Bob Wickers:

While awaiting the late-arriving Huckabee, more than 50 reporters and a dozen photographers got to read five huge cards placed on easels by Huckabee's staff — all highly critical of Romney's record as governor.

"Enough is enough," the signs said.

When Huckabee arrived, he announced he had just changed his mind. The ad wouldn't run. It was too negative.

"I believe the people of Iowa deserve better, and we are going to try and give them better ...," he said.

But he didn't. Instead, Huckabee showed off the spot to the journalists, knowing full well his negative message would seep out of the room. He told the media to pay close attention.

"You're not going to get a copy of it," he warned, "so this is your chance to see it, then after that you'll never see it again."

The media laughed.


The ad criticizes Romney's record as governor, fairly so, but goes on to question his character. "If a man is dishonest to obtain a job," Huckabee says in the ad, "he'll be dishonest on the job."

Funny that Huckabee decided at noon that that line was too negative, because he used it six hours earlier during a national TV interview.

He used it on a Sunday news show, too.

And he didn't disavow the line Monday. "I said what I said. I spoke the truth," Huckabee said.

For more about the Bob Wickers, see yesterday's WSJ The Spirit Behind Huckabee's Advertising Approach and learn about the Cross that wasn't but was.