Putting the Spin on S.22

Lets see, we've been in this Growing Technology Age for How Long?

VA warns of problems with GI Bill upgrades

The Department of Veterans Affairs seemed to be standing in front of a fast-moving train Wednesday when a top official said VA would need two years of preparation to come up with a payment system for a proposed overhaul of GI Bill education benefits.

We spend Billions on Defense Bubgets, never going down, always increasing, and yet!

The warning flags were waved by Keith Pedigo, VA’s associate deputy undersecretary for policy and program management, who said meeting an Aug. 1, 2009, effective date for the benefits increases, under what lawmakers are calling the 21st Century GI Bill of Rights, would be extremely difficult.

Who are we hiring for this comfortable paying Government jobs with great bennies, more important, what Qualifications are called for for the Political Appointments to lead these agencies and hire on in the administrations of same!

Why does a Much Needed Bill, Long Time Comein, in a Country that Screams "Support The Troops", need to be backdoored into another to get Passed?

Attaching S 22 to the wartime funding bill also would put pressure on the Bush administration to sign onto a generous overhaul of veterans benefits in order to secure funding to continue military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

Where are the Funds for the Huge Defense Budgets going?

The Pentagon, VA and the White House’s Office of Management and Budget oppose S 22, either as a separate bill or combined with the supplemental.

But Bush administration opposition — and VA’s warning about implementation problems — do not seem to counter the growing push from veterans’ groups to pass what Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., S 22’s chief sponsor, calls a move to “give first-class futures to the people who serve.”

Can only be to the Pockets of the Connected, especially when country has incompetent leadership geared only towards personal profit, their own, and investors of Wall Street, there's wealth in them Military Industrial Complex contracts, Huge Wealth!

And what do Us Veterans say:

Veterans’ groups, who have been pushing for years for an overhaul of the current Montgomery GI Bill, have picked Webb’s bill as their favorite.

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