Race the Great!

Its is projected that the combined population of American Minority groups will
outnumber whites in the next fifty years. Many rural and urban enviornments are already finding diversity in similar propotions. American history is filled with examples of racial and ethnic discrimination; during slavery "seperate but equal" as an educational plan struck down by Brown vs. Topeka, legal discrimination against members of minority groups,underemplyment and undepayment of ethnic group members.

How much does race matter? Well race has a great effect! For exmple, what happened in Lost Angeles in April of 1992 was neither a race riot nor a class rebellion. Rather, this monuental upheaal was a multiracial, trans-class, and largely male display of justified social rage.For all its downright barbaric behavior signified the sence of powerlessness in American society. What was witnessed in Los Angeles that day was the consequence of a lithal likage of economic decline, cultural decay, and political lethargy in American life. Race was the visible catalyst, not the underlying cause.

So much time has passed and yet, we confine discussions about race in America to the problems black pepole pose for whites rather than consider what this way of viewing black people reveals about us as a nation. This paralyzing framework encourages certain discussions of race in America! It must begin not with the problems of black people but with the flaws of American society. Problems which occured in historic inequalities, and long lasting cultural platitude. How we tend to put up the terms for talking over racial issues shapes our perception and response to these issues. And this isnt the only type of discrimination, blacks werent the only onces discriminated against.

Prejudice and discrimination exist on the world stage as well as in America. Anti-Semitism directed against the Jews in Eatern Europe during the Third Reicch in Germany accounted for six million deaths in concentration camps. More recently there was "ethnic cleansing" as an outgrowth of conflicts in several parts of the world. Genocide, the exterminatio of an entire race or group, may seem impossible in the twenty-first century, but history would suggest otherwise. America, Armenia, Yogoslavia, and Rwanda should remind us of these possibilities. Some were actually quite recent.

Segregation of minorities is part American's past and present. While we know that contact between different racial groups decreases prejudice, separation of these groups from one another and from white society persits.Abusing began in the 1960s but has not solved the problem.

Our communities and neighborhoods are defined by homogeneous groupings and represent both ethnic and class lines of distinction. Churches and businesses and services are often tied to racial and ethnic groups with few who will cross the lines. It is easy to deny the reality of racism and discrimination when our own lives do not interesct with those who suffer the indignities each day.

The downfall of meaning in life- the blur of hope and lack of love of self and others, the failure of family and neighborhood bonds-leads to the social deracination and cultural denudement of urban dwellers, especially children. People have produced rootless and effortless behavior, dangling themselves with small trys to the supportive networks; which is family, friends, school-that contain some sence of purpose in life. We have witnessed such things as the collapse of the spiritual communities that in the helped Americans face death, and despair that transmit through the generations dignity and dececy, exellence and elegance.

The answers lie in the lives of fortuitous and fleeting moments preoccupied with acquiring pleasure, property and power by any means necessary. This culture overflows all of us and still it's impact on the disadvantaged is a complete waste, resulting in extreme violence in peoples everyday life. All sorts of violence exists in our life today; for example sexual violence against women. And also homocidal assaults by young black men on one another.

Lastly, we should always tend to remember that that rage is fired by a political atmosphere in which reflection, not ideas, take over, where politicians spend more time raising money than debating issues. The functions of parties have been misplaced by public polls, and politicians. This causes for them to act nothing but less as thermostats that determine the climate of opinion than as thermometers registering the public mood. American powers has been taken over by an unleashing of nothing more than greed among public officials.

So what is to be done? How should we the people capture a new spirit and vision to except and then meet the challenges of the industrial city? Well, in my humble opinion, we must confess the most important and ofcourse the most important to us sources for help, hope, and power consits of ourselves and our common history. Second we have to concentrate on the public common mood that undergides our national and global destinies.

The reality of all this is only depended on how much we care about the quality of our lives together.

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