A Racist Fraternity Party

There was a fraternity party that was themed as "Come as You are Bizarre," people took pictures of the party, and some members of the fraternity was wearing Ku Klux Klan robes and had blackfaces. One of the fraternity member that painted their face black wore a jail outfit.

The Administer of the University saw right away that these photos were clearly inappropriate. The fraternity will definitely faced tough penalties. People found it repulsive that these fraternity members would engage in this horrible behavior.

After this situation been announced in the University the students and faculty said that they were not so surprised.

Some African Administer said that he is not surprised at all. He knows that racism and it's stupidity still exist. But it's not as bad as it was before when it was out in the streets. Now it's just behind closed doors now.

Some black students were really afraid at this situation and left campus because they believe it was not safe. These members of the fraternity needs to be kicked off campus.

I think you really can't do much with these racism. People would judge you no matter what, and act racist towards you. They would make fun of you, make racial gestures, or wearing racial clothing to be funny, but it is really disrespectful for the people that is that race.

I think the only way this racism would stop is that if parents would teach their kids about it so they would not to be racist towards people, and school should teaches these young children about these racial problems at a young age.

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